Practice Mixing Skills

Practice Mixing Skills
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I would like to find a place to get individual tracks to practice my mixing skills.
There is a few places on line I found but not to happy with the song selection or there is something about the site that’s a put off to me. Anyone have any suggestions.


There is plenty of multitracks in a big variety of genres here:


Produce like a pro


There are also Puremix (zelab mixing contests, some are free), Telefunken website, Indaba Music as well.
Shaking Throught looks like a serie of documentaries… (this is the subtitle)
Hofa has a college with mixing contest… if you read german, here is the last one for Xmas.
Finally, if you want to spend some money, there is also Dueling Mixes, and previous links with non-free stuff.


I also recommend this place.


Me too. I’ve actually considered the thought of figuring out a way to collaborate with Mike for both sites.


I think it’s the best place, Mike does this job a long time ago and he is very pedagogue on mixing stuff.

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Now that’s a great idea!


My mix of the Hoffa contest .Give it a shot people


if you read german, here is the last one1 for Xmas. Can translate to English too


I reply in that thread:

I hope you were having fun!