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Just a quick idea which would benefit us beginners. Could this site host more songs to mix such as the mix off contest. I feel I’ve learned more about EQ, compression, reverb etc in the past few weeks than I managed in the last year. Most of that was due to having a set of good quality audio files to mix. It’s not that we should be constantly mixing for contests, but a section on the website where there could be a number of song recordings that we could download and work on. I know I would appreciate something like that as I wouldn’t know where else to get them.


A very good idea, the issue usually is that bands do not want to release tracks to anyone other than the engineer that they have mixing it. Why?? because a poorly mixed version could find its way out on the web and that could be harmful to a band. Getting that release signed can be very difficult.

I can go you one better

We take OUR songs, one per week, and use THAT for a mix contest. We could keep it reasonable as far as the number of tracks etc

or even just do PIECES of the song…for instance just the prechorus into the chorus

That would work wonders as far as learning. for instance if a guy takes my basic stem tracks and makes a killer mix, then i know what I need to focus on…but if NO ONE can get my tracks to sound great then id know its my recording and not just my mixing

You could probably find some practice tracks to work on mixing here.


Early on when there were only a dozen of us or so on here, I posted this thread:

I’m still happy to make all that stuff available if you’re into that kind of thing.

All great ideas. I’ll check out the Cambridge site. @Jon-Jon - I love your idea. I’ve realized that the difference between my home recorded files and studio recorded files are huge. Something I’ve only realized having been able to mix studio session audio. So we could all submit files and then let people here work on them. I think that would be fantastic.

Personally I would love files of all genres - hip hop to big band. As I said before, a couple of weeks with Why Wait? and I feel like I’ve learned so much about so much when it comes to mixing.

How cool! I just checked down the list of artists and my old friend is actually featured on this page!

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Now that is cool! A full circle thing happening. :white_circle:

I was going to recommend this one myself. Thanks, @Jonathan!