Post your 2020 albums, collabs here

Post your 2020 albums, collabs here

So, did you work on any new music?

My band barely managed to finish all tracking right before Covid lockdown hit. Our mix engineer in NYC actually caught it, but managed to finish mixing after he got well, but couldn’t master as his ears appeared to be shot, so I had to master.

The artist also dropped out mid-design and we had to look for alternate artwork :slight_smile:

Anyhow, here’s my band’s full first length LP (finished July)

Post what you’ve done, song or album, I’d be curious to check out your work.


2020 has been reasonably fruitful for me music wise and was set to be with or without COVID. Both of the below releases were all due to come out and there are a couple more that will come out or be close to coming out by the end of 2020.

My band, Something Once Forgotten, put out this 4 track EP (Straight to the Spine):

And I was able to put out a side project I had been working on and off for over 3 years, Giggons (Borders and Frames):

Another band EP to come and hopefully another side project, Alien Lard, with a wonderfully titled EP “Ugly Songs for Ugly People (or at the very least, those that know they are not conventionally beautiful)”


I’m listening to Straight Up To The Spine through my laptop speakers. This sounds REALLY good even through the laptop. Love the way the bass cuts through. I’ll give these songs a closer listen tomorrow or the next day. It really late here. Need to crash out soon.

Great stuff !!


Thanks mate. Glad you liked them.