[Post Wave] Out of Age (2 songs, overall)

Hey everyone,

one of my friend wrote, recorded, mixed and produced 2 songs for one of his electro project and he’d like some feedbacks (whatever feedback you want) on every aspect on his work.

I’ll thank you for stopping by and taking the time to listen to those songs and for any comments.

A stranger - like it. Find that it is a little hot on the high mids when listening on ear buds. That is the only thing that stood out to me and that can be taken care of in the mastering process.

You’re so greedy - Same feedback as above.

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I like the songwriting a lot, as well as the arrangement. The lead synth/piano has nice Morricone accents to it, and the vocals are great. There is a lot of space in the arrangement but it doesn’t sound empty or uninteresting. However, after two repeats of the same cycle without any new element showing up it is starting to get boring and I got the impression that the song is going nowhere.
I don’t think there is much to say regarding the mix. It doesn’t sound as polished as the best productions in this genre but it doesn’t have any major flaw and it’s coherent with the production. The only obvious thing to me is this bass drum kick, it doesn’t sound great, is a little boxy and since it is driving the song from beginning to end it should be really great.

I’ll try coming back later for the 2nd song.

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Thank you for the reviews! Now reviewing your friend’s music, the song on top: it sounds a bit mysterious, 80’s style. Singer is quite good, reminds me of David Bowie quite a bit. I like the melodies of the vocals, bass and piano. Interesting video. I think the song is very good, and well recorded! Now the next song (“Greedy”): the song starts off sounding a fair amount like Depeche Mode (my favorite synth heavy band). The first vocals remind me of someone, can’t think who. Later they remind me of Bowie again (My favorite male singer). This song is very good also, though overall, I like the song on top best. Good audio quality all around. Nice songs! :slight_smile:

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I really like both of these productions and mixes. They make great use of space and atmosphere to create a very identifiable aesthetic and sound.

A couple of observations:

  • I feel the mixes could make greater use of the stereo field, particularly with things like background vocals. It would be another way to add contrast and development to the production.
  • The background vocals cause the mix to get a bit murky when they come in. It may be just a matter of tightening up the low end of the backing vocals with high passing.

Nice work!

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Hey, many thanks for your comment, I really appreciate!

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Hey, thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

I also share thoughts from what you wrote.
There’s no technical flaw on the music-side, from my point of view.
I would also add some “surprises” to keep listener during the song.

Again, thank you for your comment.
I also like what you shared here, it sounds lovely.

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I didn’t think of all the references you mentionned, I didn’t know if it’s on purpose or not but it seems way obvious to me as you hightlighted them.

Again, you pointed out things I didn’t see before you did.
Very interesting and spot on.

I really appreciate every comment you did, thanks for sharing all of them.

Hey there, NCIS.

I like both of these. Really good musicianship and creativity. I do agree, though, with the “stranger” piece, that it seems to get monotonous and needs a little something different to break things up. I like some of the textures and creative “sounds” toward the end.

Both of 'em sound a little off EQ-wise. I’m not good enough to know exactly what it is. It seems a little muddy to me. I’m not sure if it’s that or that the low-mids need to be cleared out or what. Maybe it just needs some sparkle up top (in that 5-8 K range).

Really, I am trying to learn to identify this by ear, and I’m not there yet. So my comments on EQ could be way off. Would welcome someone putting me in my place if I’m off, or weighing in one way or the other if I’m on track or off base. But there’s something in the EQ.

That said, you’re buddy is a gifted musician. Recording, arranging, mixing, producing. Tell him he done well.

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Many thanks for your comment!
THe friend got the link of this thread so he can read every comment and he’s very of everyone feedback.

Again thank you for taking the time to listen and comment those songs.