Post Production Project


I’m new here so apologies if this isn’t the right place to post. I’ve recently finished a post production project and I’d like to gain some feedback from professionals and non professionals. If you could take some time to watch and listen to the sound I’ve put to these three clips that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Heres a link to a google questionnaire;

Hi Jonno.
I would suggest that you use sound cloud or upload the file to the site instead of creating a link for people to download. No one will listen if they have to risk their computer downloading a link:) Then post it in “Bash this Recording”

Hi Paul,

Its a link to a questionnaire on google, has it said it has to be downloaded for you? Ok I will see if i can find an alternative.

Thank you

It goes straight to the questionare. You’re good to go! :+1:

Get the clips on the site and I’ll be glad to answer the questionnaire, its just a mater of making it easy for people to hear what you’re working on! :slight_smile:

click the link, you’ll be surprised :slight_smile:

I’ll do that once I’m home, on my Linux machine, with the curtains drawn, :tinfoilhat: :smile:

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It’s actually really hard to tell from this perspective if these sound right. To me, they all feel like somebody playing sound fx to a silent film. They don’t feel like they are part of the film, the feel like they are sitting on top of the video. Aside from panning, I’m not hearing any spatial queues. The reverb doesn’t feel like it matches.


For all I know, listening to the sound design effects from a film without dialog and without music would sound like that anyway. But I feel like everything needs more spacial context. There’s a difference between sound design made for sitting under music and dialog, and sound design made to be the focus of the sound.

The Inside Out one felt the best, but I feel like the single sound clang was too much of the same thing. The balls and the wagon all made the same clang sound.

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