Just seen this. It is a spray that makes anything a touchscreen. Definitely peaks interests


oh. Huh. Interesting. I would imagine that the accuracy is pretty low based on the way it works, but would be super handy for certain things.

Some definite potential. I’d be fun to use something like this to paint your guitar and use the body for expression control. I know there are other methods of this, but it’d look much better than having a touch pad mounted on the body.

Also, it’s great to see you around again @cptfiasco!!! How’ve you been?

I have been doing great. Took on a huge responsibility at work, but it will pay off . With the end of the year coming , I am hoping to get back into making noise and helping around here.

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Looking forward to it man! You’ve been missed while you were away!

The Captain is back! Set the sails for the outskirts of infinity.

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