Pocket knife mix

Good track

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I’m listening on cans.

Sound overall seems good to me. balans as well. Only one thing I found a bit wierd is the right panned guitar. Could be just taste, but it sort of chokes a bit and the fact that its panned pretty far to the right feels a bit wierd. Maybe you could double that track on the left side. Even if its a lot softer then on the right, might still be a little les akward. To me that is :smiley: It has something dreamy though which is kinda nice, but maybe you can eq it a bit some it shines more and covers the dry signal a bit less.
Did you put the reverb on the guitar track itself ?

But overall great mix mate ! :slight_smile:

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That guitar was horrid ,how they ever wanted that sound.

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Yeah tastes differ a :smiley:

Made some adjustments,well total remix as i was missing some flies

Jelle, could you clariy: are you reacting to the guitar panning hard right in and of itself, or to the imbalance cuz there’s nothing balancing it on the right?

I ask cuz I often pan guitars hard L and hard R – the LCR panning thing (there’s another thread on that somewhere here).

Maybe I shouldn’t do that?

But I’m thinking if there were another guitar on the left this could work. Either a separate guitar part, or the double as you suggest.

I dunno. There are things I like in your second mix (maybe I like the overall brightness better, but not sure). I really like the thump of the kick on mix 2 (would love to know how you treated the kick there).

But overall I like the first mix better. More I listen to it, I think Jelle’s right about that guitar being too stranded out there in my right headphone, but outside of that, very solid mix.

The second mix doesn’t have enough stereo spread. Sounds “almost” mono for too much of the song. Which mix do you prefer, Alan?

The second i think

Would love to hear about your signal chain in the kick in mix 2?

I cant remember now lol i do so many mixes and dont keep the project files because of space as i only have a small ssd drive .Should get a external drive really for all the projects

Hi might,

About the panning yes, and also about the reverb a bit.

I’d suggest making it dry again first, and then you can do a lot of things.

  1. go 1 dry 1 wet with chorus panned oposit, into buss with some verb for spacing.
  2. wet/dry/wet 3 tracks, 1 middle dry and left/right wet (chorus). into buss again, and then pan to your liking.

Set the speed of the chorus as slow as possible.

I wouldn’t do hard panning with 1 guitar. sounds a bit disconnected.

Its recorded live so your limited

Ooooh :slight_smile:

Then I say no more :smiley: