Plugins? We don't need no stinkin' plugins!

This is probably old news for most of you guys, but there are some great ideas on this YouTube channel.

I’ll bet you could get different “character” from various types of hoses too! :sunglasses:


It’d be interesting to make a long run of 3 or 4 inch diameter PVC pipes and try it out.


If you wanted you could get more technical and you could use different lengths to “tune” the drum reverb to the song.

Have you ever seen The Blue Man Group? They created an instrument of different lengths of PVC pipe to get notes. Then they smack the an open end with a flat “mallet”. Think marimba,only with PVC pipes. Really cool! In fact, they’ve got a few variations on the PVC pipes… hang on.

Here you go:

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Here’s another:

Yeah, I’m a big fan of their stuff. Haven’t seen them in person yet, but I’d love to!

Funny - I recently bought the Spitfire Audio Labs sale instruments and got the PVC pipes instrument!

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It’s indescribable! GO if you have a chance… :+1:

I used to experiment with about a 3 foot piece of heavy cardboard tubing with a mic stuck in it way back in the 4 track days