Plugin and license set up

I am in the process of setting up a new machine for mixing. I think it is going to be awesome if can ever get all of my plugins and licenses set up again. @bozmillar I am glad I have as many plugins of yours as i do and I even want more of them but right now this is a pain. :wink:

which part about it is a pain? You should be able to go to your account page and download all your plugins, along with their serial numbers.

Way cool man!!! “One plugin at a time”… lol. That’s what I have to tell myself when faced with the daunting task of reloading a studio computer :slight_smile:

Post some pretty pics for us when you have your rig all put together! Would love to check it out :wink:

…I love those Boz labs plugins too. Panther - Sasquatch - Mongoose - Clipper - Hoser … I use all of 'em!

I actually don’t even have to download them because i have the installers all on a backup drive. it is just having to go through and install each one. no big deal just makes me realize how many plugins i have and how long it can take. Although i have to say it is taking me less than half the time installing the boz plugins than it is taking me to install less waves plugins from two central installers due to my internet speeds out here in the wilderness.

Yeah i hope to have things set up and be able to post some pictures soon. I just finished installing boz plugins, I love them as well they are on every mix i do, now i can move to celemony.

ah, yeah. The only advantage I have against waves is that I don’t have as many plugins, so even if you own everything, you don’t have to go downloading 100 plugins and installing them. I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an “all plugins” installer. It would just be an extra thing to upkeep though and keep maintained.

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I don’t think he was talking about your plugins… you have one of the least painful download/reinstall process I’ve ever seen. He may just be talking about the process of having to install everything again.

Sometime I transfer from a time machine backup, but I found its cleanest sometimes to fresh install everything. The last time I did it, it took me about 2 weeks to install everything across six hard drives from three folders books worth of DVD’s. I have to do this again real soon because the mac pro CheesGrater can’t be updated past El Capitan. I need to move everything to my mac pro TrashCan. But I don’t want to use time machine because I don’t want it to take Unity and Visual Studio, and all of my game audio stuff with it.

yeah it really is so rare that one even has the opportunity to rebuild their studio machine that it is probably not worth the time you would spend. I would rather you spend the time on making more cool plugins.