Plugin Alliance Sale!

If you are not familiar with Plugin Alliance, this would be a good time to get acquainted, because they make some great plugins and they are having a fantastic sale at the moment.

Use the one-time code “PA-MEGA-SALE-20-OFF” at check out for $20 off. Yes, that means you can pick some of the plugins up for FREE!

Here are few you may want to check out (IMHO):

  1. The SPL De-Esser ($29) - My favorite de-esser to-date. I think the idea behind this one is pure genius and it’ss super easy to use.

  2. The Mastering Bundle 1 ($49) - it’s got some good plugins in there, but the standout for sure is the VSC-2. This one alone is worth the price. This compressor is so easy to dial in a good punchy transparent sound it feels like cheating.

  3. The Townhouse Buss Compressor ($29) - I just picked this one up. I’m not crazy about the UI, but WOW! does this thing sound amazing! It’s up there with the VSC-2 but with some added character.

Plus, their installer and licensing system works really well and it’s easy to Demo something if you’re thinking about it.


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It seems you forgot to apply your de-esser to your post :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! Indeed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So one of the plugs they have on sale is the SPL Twin Tube.

I don’t really have much going on in my plugin library with saturation plugs. I have Shattered Glass’s SGA1566 (which is quite nice but is a super memory hog), and also their Ace amp, and WaveArt’s Tube Saturator Vintage, SoftTube’s Saturation Knob, Klanghelm’s IVGI. I also have Halcyon, but have never used it.

The Twin Tube seems to get good reviews for its tube and tape saturation effects. Curious if anyone here uses it and if you’d recommend it. Just curious.

Is that sale still going on? I don’t see any info about it anywhere else, including their site. And is that coupon code only good for one plugin, or on every plugin in the “cart”?

It WAS $20 off whatever you buy - once. so whatever was in your cart. Not sure if it’s still going on though. You can try it and see if it works still… Yep, looks like it’s over.

@Tesgin - I’ve never used the Tube Saturator so can’t speak to it. But here’s a FREE one that just came out from United Plugins. The Royal Compressor.

This is really clever. If you demo it, when the demo runs out, most of the knobs “fall off” and you’re left with just the saturation unit…