Plug it in?


I’m in need of a few more plugins, and I could use some advice or opinions or suggestions, especially cause I’m looking from some good free one’s to start of with. What can you recommend ?

*multiband (thinking of the fabfilter one) But preferably free for now.
*brick wall limitter

*Mic preamp

I want to learn working all these elements in the near future, but also want to spread the cost. So some free or cheap, but good working plugins would be nice to start with. You can also suggest more expensive ones that you realy like! I can always try a demo and see if a purchase is a good option for me later on.


for tape/saturation I use:



For 32 bit plugs… all of the VOS plugs are excellent.
But for 64 bit:
SSL buss compressor - DCAM by FXpansion
Saturation- Softube Saturation Knob - CamelCrusher - HeadCrusher
Vari-Mu Comp- not free but cheap (Buy It!) Klanghelm MUJC
Useful bundle -
Limiter- L1 clone- W-1 by George Youhng - Free87 by eareckon
Also look into Stillwell plugs… excellent and cheap!
have fun


Hi DeRebel,
I have Reaper as a DAW, it has a multiband comp, but I couldn’t get it to work for me. Instead I use the amazing TDR NOVA by Tokio Labs (in fact all of their plugs are excellent and amazingly free)
What it does is like a multiband but more, and more intuitive to work with. In fact, if you want you could use it as a one stop plug for both EQ and compression and anything In between.
From the description on the KVR audio site (check that out if you haven’t already!):
"In practice, the processor covers a whole bucket of tasks:
:black_medium_small_square:Parametric equalization.
:black_medium_small_square:Dynamic equalization.
:black_medium_small_square:Frequency selective compression.
:black_medium_small_square:Multi-band compression.
:black_medium_small_square:Wideband compression."
On top of that it does side chaining as well. There’s also good descriptions on u-tube e.g.TDR NOVA

My favourite brick wall limiter is Limited-Z by VCR audio
It really helps me to understand what limiting is about and teaches you in an intuitive way how to set up the controls (thanks to the “waveform history display”).
There’s many more I use, but these two are always in the mix. Both have affordable pro editions. I’m thinking of getting them now I understand the useful extra’s. But even without these they represent amazing value for free, in particular when you’re not a seasoned recording veteran but a late adapter to the recording profession desperately trying to understand what it all means and how the hell you’re supposed to understand the bewildering amount of knobs to turn and buttons and sliders to push!


WOW, thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: I will check them out for sure !

I most definitely will! :slight_smile: Thaks !

Sounds crazy man :slight_smile: I’ll check that limiter out as wel. Cause indeed, I have to learn. And even if its all about the sound, the graphics can be helpfull to understand for me :smiley: I have good ears, but they are not specifically trained hard for mixing yet.

I am a big fan of the Klangheim products. They have a few freebees that work very well. The DC1A is a great comp and finds use on a good number of tracks as a gain plugin that adds a bit of “something” in the process.

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