Ploytec Aroma

Been trying the demo of Ploytec Aroma. Really liking what it can do to a mix.Well worth trying out if you haven’t already. I like the fact that it uses a different approach to many other harmonic processors. Easy to use too.

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I finally got funds together and bought Aroma. Been using it on some individual instruments too. Great for adding warmth and dimension. Glad to have got rid of the annoying voice telling me that it was the demo version too. :smiley:

Chilli should be sour though, cause they already have pepper :slight_smile:

That’s all I can say about this though :smiley: haha

Have any before and after demos you’d like to share? :thumbsup:

O my goodness…

The flavour controls relate to a wide variety of beauty, warmth and attractiveness. Aroma not only adds elegance to your music, Aroma makes it shine, sounding simply sensational.

my mind is boggling…
I’d love to try adding warmth to chill-out sounds and then perhaps some chilli sprinkles but, perhaps I’m off on a tangent again?? But I guess I’ll have to buy it now… it will make all my sounds simply sensational… yay!!!

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