Please Stay, 1961

Please Stay, is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Bob Hilliard, released by The Drifters in 1961.

Dedicated to all the lonely peoples of our world, especially during this most revered season of Christmas.

May we, all, be blessed with His grace, and be filled with peace, love and hope.

Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.


You have a really great vocal range @ReneAsologuitar! I don’t really recall hearing this Drifters song before, but I love it. You did such a great job of putting just the right amount of emotion into it to match the theme/lyrics. Awesome job as always!

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Hi @holster ,
Wonderful comments, my friend!
This is another song request, which I have not heard before, and I am loving this 1961 tune.
You are always so appreciated!!!
And thanks for your support and involvement, for all of us to have a grand time!!!
With love and respect,

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Guitar playing and vocals are very good per usual! :slight_smile:

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Hi Aaron, @aaron_aardvark ,
Thanks for the kind words.
Always a pure pleasure to hear from you.
Keep on making your great music.
Love 'em.

Hey Rene, very nicely done - sounding great!

On a side note: I just realised that I’ve never seen anyone else fret an open G chord in quite the same way as you. I just tried it, and… wow…I can do it, but it’s really tricky for me! Huh! I’ve been playing guitar for 46 years and that’s the first time I’ve come across that!

In any case, nice work!

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Thanks for the notice, sometimes, I do it “shortcut way”, but making sure I do not plat the string that is not fretted correctly, hahahaha.
Love your comments.
Warm regards!

Thanks for the support, @Chandler !!!
Stay well, and keep healthy!