Please have a listen

Please have a listen
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Never let you go


If you have any ambience mics on the drums I’d turn them up, they’re sounding pretty dry. I like the mix though, it just sounds boxed in.


Your a reverb head lol. Yes had room mikes but they was a bit shit sounding so took it easy


I have to agree with Clownpenis.fart though. At points it has a cool “I’m in the room with them” vibe, but when the snare hits it just sounds to belligerent. I posted this song in a different thread as an example of reverb gone too far. Just don’t go this far. Strike a balance between your song and this.


Nice guitar work/singing. The accent riffs are great. Don’t know if I like the double vocal in the chorus? I can’t tell if the drums have reverb or not. too much, I think competes with the vox??? Nice laid back track




Reverb is a funny thing .On my waste land mix some people say too much vox verb others say not enough .
Cheers all for the feedback


A few revisions after feedback


I am listening to your latest mix and it is feeling tight. Nicely done.


Thank you redworks


At some point in the '90s reverb became a dirty word. It was around the same time that Nirvana became a big deal that everything had to be completely dry, even though it’s not natural. There’s reverb in real life. While it’s not as bad as it was then, there is still a lot of stigma about reverb because of the 1980s.


Hey, nice song, nice writing.
I really like the vocal performance and guitar sound.
The bass is very spot on, nicely mix. I would had some more automation on purpose on that track.
Regarding the drum, listening on the lastest mix and I found it too dry as well, specially the snare. I wish to hear some hall reverb tail to push it back in the mix, it sounds upon the band too much to me.

By the way, very good job, it was a pleasing listening!