Please Bash Why Dont You Stay

Hello all, I found this song over at Cambridge mix site and decided to mix it. The song was written by Ronnie James and the song is Why Don’t you stay.

I used Tom petty as a reference to try and mix this one. I still need to tighten some things up vocal tuning, GT sounds etc… but it’s good enough to post and get some other opinions.

So, if you have time leave a comment.

Thanks for the time and listen!


I reckon I’ve heard this song before, and it was most probably when digging through the Cambridge archives at some point.
I really like the mix tbh, punchy clean and balanced. Sounds nice to me man.

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Mix sounds tight to me. Well done.

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Nicely mixed.

The drums sound really good. My taste would have been a more excitement on the intro right panned gtr. Don’t like the singer performance (1:30) but that is not a mix issue. Good stereo, good tone. Congrats !!!

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