Please bash this

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This is sweet, Descent. Very decent mix.

Loving the guitars. I’m thinking the vocals could be a smidge louder.

The drums are nice. Very nice, in fact. I’m not good enough to say for sure, but when I A/B with scrollkeeper or, say ABR, I think your low end is too thin. Kick, bass, etc. I’m “thinking” your low-mids maybe are too prominent. Needs more thump down low.

Nice tracks, btw.

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Vocals are spot on, very clear and crisp. Nice sense of space. Great arrangement! Great movement.
Didnt notice anything to pick apart. It is a good listen.
A few minor suggestions:
Perhaps a bit more width on the track to bring out more clarity without thinning the track out.
The guitar solo at 2:20 could use a transparent high pass and bit more delay… but that is a preference thing.

Well done. It is a great end product!

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Thank you taking the time to listen, much appreciated!

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Sounding pretty good. Powerful and energetic. Very cool guitar solo. The vocals sound very clear too.

The mix overall has a bit of congestion in the low mids - around the 400-500hz mark - that “boxy” sound. Possibly the rhythm guitars and the bass are the main culprits.

The toms also need a bit of eq-love. They are kind of boomy and a little bit “bucket-y” sounding. Again, I think the low-mids are probably the issue there too.

Nice work.

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Love the great wake up with my morning coffee. Sounds totally live. Love the guitar tone. Wish I could do those riffs.

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Totally reminds me of a bit of a heavier Iron Maiden, which is a VERY good thing.
Couple o’ things I’d comment on, after finishing banging my head:

  • As @ColdRoomStudio mentioned, there’s a big low-mid buildup which kinda muds up the bass/guitars/kick.
  • Also, around the 2:00 mark you can really hear a kinda “knock” frequency in the snare that saddens me a bit. It may actually be contributing to the low-mid party too, but winds up getting masked when all the instruments are playing in that range.
  • For the rhythm guitars, I’m finding they don’t have enough clarity… there’s lots of fun palm-muted 16th note bits and it’s hard to hear them being picked, and I think for parts like that, clarity and note separation are important. I think it’s all part of the low-mid stuff.

Awesome listen, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you. I’ll address these in 2nd mix. I felt I might’ve mixed it more in favor of the bass guitar :slight_smile:

… and yes there’s Iron Maiden influence there, the Paul DiAnno years mainly, glad you picked it up!