Please bash this country attempt

Made this song a few years back and this will be the first I have ever overhauled and reposted. Originally it was much slower paced and it just seemed to drag on. I went up a few notes and sped it up a lot. To me, it is one of my better ones. (IMHO)
One of the guitar riffs was from a 50 dollar squire and might be slightly out of tune. Also the guitar fill is pretty lame. This is in demo form. I welcome anyone who would like to join in. This is my only country song. haha

kissin on you

There you are just a…talkin up a storm ya act a little nervous so close to me
lookin at your lips…. I’m a thinkin up a plan

I haven’t got to say one single thing…you’re still yackin on that same first breath
But I got one question to ask, maybe luck will do the rest I can’t take it no more, hear I go

Can I please start kissin…. kissin on you just a lil ole kiss… that’s all I wanna do
come on girl….I’m about to go mad I’m sure it’s gonna be… the best one… I ever had

You just stared and finally stopped talking.
I pointed down the road and we started walkin Into the night. I took your hand
We slowed down came face to face, put your head to the side and I saw a little smile
I’m thinkin yeah man I bet I gotta chance Here I go gonna try again

She said I don’t think I should be kissin on any ole stranger
Don’t you know there is always a hidden danger…… of fallin in love

yeah freaker you rockin. i hate country but i am still liking this. Tighten this baby up and make your 3 bucks :smile: . this is grooving.

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O yes… despite myself and the country cheese - the groove of this is really infectious and I found myself swaying and a-grinning while I was listening… only in a rush and on crummy speakers but that vibe is somehow irresistible and sweet cool fun… hah, reminds me of an advertising campaign years back for cream buns : “naughty but nice”
You manage to get away with that stuff with charm and a cheeky grin and I enjoyed the listen!!!

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Hi Eric I would be trilled to get the bank up to three bucks. tee hee
I can’t get into country either although the rest of the country did??
Have a lot to do with this yet. Hopefully I can deliver something better with the next update

Thanks for your comments

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Hi Emma So excited about your trip. Yeah, the chorus to me is kinda fun, but the verse is pretty clumsy in places. You know when things flow and when they don’t. Oh well, it is fun and that is all I care about. Very glad you thought the vibe was there.



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