Please bash this acoustic ditty

Hi. I was wondering if the first 15 or so seconds of this track creates an interest? The song is just one of my typical sappy I want to barf types. ha ha Peace to all of my friends here


Love this Paul!
Feels like effortless simplicity (!) and a lovely sweet song… no barfing whatsoever from me, it has an innocence and sense of joy that flows really nicely. Really liked the hint-of-a-harp, just more of a suggestion and the same with the percussion, nicely understated, not in the way but adding a cool layer. I think my very favourite bit is the way that the lyrics grow… the “I just wanna talk a little walk a little hold a little…” is just wonderful… it’s like a lyrical ripple and works wonderfully well.

What a cool song… so much for the first 15 seconds… I really like the whole thing!!
And yay… I got to hear it before it disappeared! (wicked grin) :rofl:

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Hi Emma I hear there is a crew going to be heading your way for a jam session??? Count me in. ha ha I was messing with that little riff in G. Then I put something different on the other side and started singing. I think of first love a lot, so my lyrics reflect that. There is an excitement there that is unparalleled. As far as the song, I don’t think the Bgv’s are commin thru very well. I have noticed lately that I am not hearing regular conversation very well, so those frequencies are being sacrificed. Oh well Glad you liked this. I can never tell. Hope you are well. I bought a grapefruit tree today and will plant tomorrow. ha ha

Hi Paul,
I did hear the backing vox, they are tucked away but add a nice layer… hmm, well now I am re-listening you could maybe tweak them up a little… yay, loving those rippling words again :slight_smile:

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Hey Paul, what a nice little song. I like the “sweetness” and innocence it imparts. I like Emmma’s description - “effortless simplicity”. Just right. :+1:

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I always enjoy your music. This is no exception, very pleasant to listen to. The double tracked guitar is nice. I’m not sure I like the start of the intro, with the 6 notes that play and then repeat… it might even just be the left guitar, it has this kind of whoosh sound at the end of each phrase. It sounds edited or something and takes me out of the song right away. But I like when the bass and harmonica come in.

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Hi bud No I haven’t tweaked yet. My wife has me on too many projects. She wakes up pointing. ha ha Love to hear you sing something simple with an acoustic accompaniment (sp)??? I am thinking???

Hi Mike thanks I am just trying to limp along until I get home in a couple of months to my regular studio

H Cristina It’s funny you say that with those guitars. I played it this morning and thought, what the heck did I do there anyway? I usually put something completely different on the other side? I’ll have to go back and put something better there. Good catch and thanks for your nice words :slight_smile:

I didn’t throw up at all. Is that bad?

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I like the way you think. Made my day:)

I vomited tears from my eyes. Pretty little song you got there Paul!
I enjoyed the listen.

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It’s very nice but can we go back to rock please?

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Hi guy Yes it is way past time to get out of this rut.

Lovely song.
Very relaxing, nostalgic and easy to listen to.
If I could make a suggestion is make the vocal a bit brighter and add a bit of ambience.
But the heart & soul are already there.
Good job!
Thx for sharing.

Hi George I actually forgot about this. I was supposed to go back and tweak. I will mess with that vocal as you suggested. Peace man and thanks

It reminds me of a Davy of the Monkees love ballad, @feaker. I found your voice particularly fetching on this one. And the rest of the song was very well performed, too!

Hey mate,
Not reading the other posts as I listen and type so I apologise if I repeat any.

Sounds good to me. As a big Beatles fan, it takes me straight to that feel.
The whole song sounds really nice. The vocal delivery, particularly after the first verse, is great and that little rasp that creeps in at times is fantastic.

The introduction of the shaker is exactly what it needs. I was about to suggest it and then there it was!
I feel like the drums either need to be omitted altogether or come up more in the mix. Compared to the bass, it seems tiny and almost an afterthought rather than a “part” of the song. Bringing it up could add a bit of weight but at the same time, it doesn’t really hang around much to be a real force.

Great song, well done!

Hi Daniel Yes the Beatles pops out of all of my songs somehow. I still play their songs daily. Was playing lucy in the sky just “yesterday” ha ha
I think I might boot the drums all together on this one. I used this one selection in studio one just to record with and never changed.
I was watching tv and came up with the riff and went right to the puter and started it going. Fun thing this recording stuff. Thank soo much for the kind words

Funny how certain artists make their way into our music regularly. I’ve been told (in some of my solo stuff) that people can hear the Beatles influence. I don’t hear it personally.
My band gets thrown the Tool line a lot but that one I can hear!
No worries!

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