Please bash my radio ad for Under Milkwood

Please bash my radio ad for Under Milkwood

Hi all,
Would appreciate your feedback on my radio ad for a local theatre production.
I need to get this out quite soon so any help greatly appreciated.

Great reverb.

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I think it sounds good, though the 2nd guy that comes in around 0:19 sounds like he’s in a different space than the primary speaker. Of course that may be intentional, but I’d ask if it’s the best space? I can’t make heads or tails of what the guy is saying, it must be a very strong local accent. I’ll just say that the 2nd guy with the quick comment could fit in a sound space wherever he might be imagined to be in a physical space. The primary speaker sounds fairly close in front of us, but with the reverb he is not real close, and the 2nd guy’s voice sounds drier and closer to us which seems like a weird placement. That is probably a nit-picky observation but it’s what jumped out at me.

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Thanks James, I sweated for a while on the reverb as the speaker is used to working in high-end studios and I ended up with my usual 3 verbs but quite a different configuration.
Hi Stan, thanks for listening… yeah I deliberately didn’t give an explanation - I can see that it could sound confusing. The two voices are the one speaker, interrupting himself… sort of ‘cultured voice’ interrupted by common kiwi voice. The actor/speaker, wrote the script and gave instructions. My job was ‘simply’ to record and mix and provide a celtic flavour. For a quick translation/explanation, the play is being performed in the Mangawhai Library Hall, - the 2nd voice pronounces it wrong and implies that the play sounds like it’s about the local town. Both vocal takes have almost identical processing, just tiny differences so it’s interesting that they come across quite differently. I did pan vox 2, otherwise it was same person, different vocalising.

My next challenge is to create a soundtrack for the live performances. tricksy project but I’m really enjoying it.


Sounds spot-on to me, Emma - well done!

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I like. The reverb sounds just right to me.

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Sounds great Emma!

Now there’s the name of the next @bozmillar plugin… ThreeVerb! :laughing:

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Yay, thanks so much! Quite a few new learning bits for me here, working with someone else in my studio and to their clear expectations. It has been interesting moving gear around for the live practices… I realised how ‘set in my ways’ I had become. Great to try new things but can be a bit unnerving, thanks for the vote of confidence! Client is rapt but I have an overactive inner critic… :sunglasses:

Excellent Emma. Like the dude popping in on my right ear. ha ha Folks in high places are gonna be hunting you down.
ps I just got my headphones working again. Yaaaay. Dell help line wasn’t any help. Did it myself???

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Thanks Paul! Great you got the 'phones working again!!
I was best pleased with how I managed to shape his vocal, didn’t know that I could do that!

It sounds great.

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Then I think the one speaker did a great job of separating the character voices. I noticed the 2nd voice panned off to the right so it felt like an “aside” to the main speaker. Not knowing what was being said in the 2nd voice did remove some of the context for me perhaps.