Please bash my new rocker....hell no

Please bash my new rocker....hell no


I started off fast at 153 bpm using a drum track right out of Studio one. After several tracks were down I decided there weren’t enough fills etc in that program so I switched to EZdrummer.
The song is about a dude, the type you would not want your daughter to marry. She tried to change his ways and make something out of the relationship, but he wasn’t having any of it. (I know someone like this)
Anyhow, you are my only audience, so I post all the new songs I come up with. Hard to work with guitar tracks that have lots of overdrive and still hear things. This is far from done. I have nothing right now for the final 30 sec to a minute except a little noise :slight_smile:

Oh no hell no A E run down A C…Bb…B. A

What chu thinkin, me stop drinkin ? …must be dreamin foolish girl I say oh……no ……hell no
Find a job and make some money …treat you special call you honey …oh…no …hell no

I gotta honey pie just a down the road…she aint real pretty but she ain’t real cold
Just like me she don’t care much… but she sure got that special touch….and you don’t ….

tried to saddle this old guy ……… yeah at best a feeble try……. oh……no ……hell no
I ain’t changing not today don’t care no more of what you say……. oh……no ……hell no

I gotta say goodbye cuz you got old…. gonna see that honey pie down the road
She don’t ask a thing of me ………. I’m headin out… I’m finally free…of you….

We might of got along but you kept on pickin pickin
Got your nose in everything and ya never stop bitchin
I took a little time threw your crap out in the trunk
I’m gonna sit here yeah I’m gonna get trunk…bye bye….bye bye


Woah @feaker! Gettin’ your jam on!! look at you :beerbanger:

I’m listening through ear buds at work, so I can’t really say anything on the mix quite yet other than it seems like the vocals could be a little more up front. Drums seem to be the leader of the pack on this one as it is now. It’s a cool groove though! Sounds like you had some fun with this one :+1:


thanks for listening boss. Yeah, I just said screw conventional and crank it up to ten. I noticed the drums were spiking too high giving the overall mix about 6 db over. I went by listening only. I am a terrible mixer. My motive was to have some fun. I have to finish the last 30 seconds.


I know you are not finished but as a point of direction - it is sounding pretty thin at the moment. very little low end, I am digging the song and look forward to hearing its growth.


Good to know Eric. Yep, I bet I EQ’d too much off the bottom of those guitars. Using that E chord slapping the G note with distortion was very noisy. I will go back in there now and see what I can do about it. Funny that I was turning up the bass then to compensate. Ignorance is bliss. Your 2 cents much appreciated:)


That person has a couple of names around here, Paul! Worse than saying Voldemort out loud. I want to say it’s musical catharsis, dude, but I personally have to put that story out of my mind so I can just enjoy the song for all its lovely rockness. It’s already good but could be fattened up, and with the unknown last 30 seconds, who knows, the inevitable car crash, you have achieved rockdom status.


Hey Steve. sounds like you liked the craziness of it all. I did too:) I put more crap in now and EQ’d some more low stuff in the guitars. Yes the dreadful ending to figure out.
Thanks for reaching out


Howdy Paul, I really like this song!! I’m on travel at the moment and can listen only through my laptop’s little speakers, so can’t make any mix comments. But I totally dig the composition! The storyline reminds me of a tune by a band called Cracker called Mister Wrong – not the music, it’s a totally different style, but tells of a guy who might be your dude’s cousin. :wink: More comments after I get home…


Ha ha Dave. Maybe sometime we can so something together before I croak. Have a safe trip

Liked the song, Good one for beer drinkin…could have used a harp tho.


Yes, let’s!! I would love that a lot.


Hey guys, im new to the forum. Feaker, I think it sounds great. The only thing I would recommend (personally) is maybe bringing up the vocals a tiny bit, I like the presence of air as well, I just think it could be a tiny bit thicker. Thanks


Hi Alec Very nice to meet you. I am the old guy here at 69 1/2 ha ha
My goal is to put our a couple songs a month no matter how good they end up.
I let this one simmer for a while and will soon go back to mess with it. I got a few positive notes from friends, so I will improve on those. I will bring up that vox a tad. thanks for stopping by and hope to hear your stuff :slight_smile: