Please bash - Ides of December (Gothic Rock/Metal)

This one has been a long struggle mainly due to the session drummer improperly tracking and having to fight the drum mix every step of the way.

I have this which is the latest mix/master

and an earlier version

if you feel like providing input on both.

I feel the latest version was less dense (i.e. loudness wars) and am not 100% which to go with at this point.

If there are any ME on here, I could use some help.

i just cant listen to these max volume clips, they hurt me lol


Soundcloud transcoding butchers your tracks so its not ideal for a situation like this where critical listening to the finer details of your track helps point out things that could be made better in your mix, you should upload them to the native player here.

Having said that, I think the drums are a bit buried and the guitars too upfront during the verses. I’m having trouble hearing the bass, it could probably be pushed up a bit.

The guitar could use a little bit more top end, but doesn’t sound bad as is.

Otherwise the song rocks and the performances seem well captured from what I can hear, though I’m not sure if the way its crushed to maximum loudness is a soundcloud artifact or a part of the mix.

V.1 was hotter so depends which one you’re referring to.

Thanks for listening!

This mix sounds a bit more overcooked than the other I listened too. It doesn’t feel nearly as full as I expect. I feel like there’s plenty of high frequency in the drum track, and plenty of low end on the bass & such, but too much midrange has been cut out from stuff? Not sure, but it needs a little more meat, somehow? Good luck!

Really cool tune! I’m just going to start typing so I hope this isn’t too jumbled…

I do think the drums could use some more power, although it sounds like either the whole bus or the toms are distorting a bit on fills… could be intentional though and would be perfectly valid if it was. The kick has that nice click to it, but I feel like it needs more punch in the lows so I can feel it driving the track alongside the bass (which we’ll get to in a moment). Snare sound is decent, but again I’d like to hear it hit a bit harder.

For the bass, I can feel the low end but I’m missing a nice mid-rangey kinda growl. I think this track could really benefit from a bit more prominent driven bass. Not like full on distort-o bass but something that at least helps bring more mids to the table and helps drive the track with the kick, but doesn’t affect that nice full bottom end.

The balance with the guitars varies. As @tachin1 mentioned they might be a bit high in the verse but I think it’s more that the bass and drums need to play a bigger role. I also agree that they could use some more high end to cut through. The lead during the chorus is there but barely registers. The solo tone is really cool, kinda Malmsteen-esque (although a lot cleaner than his!).

I think the chorus could be “larger”. There’s a fair bit of instrumentation but I’m not feeling the density of it all. I don’t know if you’re doing LCR panning, but a jam-packed chorus (for me at least) can sometimes benefit from spreading stuff out to create more of a sonic wall. Definitely need some more midrange stuff in there to fill things out. I don’t know if there’s rhythm guitar chords in there, but if there is could come up to help thicken things.

Overall though it’s a good listen! Cheers and thanks for sharing!

Thank you all for checking this out.

A little background…this is internet collaboration so none of us have played in the same room ever, which is sad as I think there are some great musicians on this one :frowning:

The drums were multitracked by a drummer that doesn’t know much about recording and this is after I provided a lot of pointers…there’s bleed all over the place and the balance is a total mess. So I created multiple Aux sends that do things to bring out the parts, either way that’s as good as I could do on the drums on this one.

Guitars - you’re probably right on the balances. I couldn’t really make the orchestration “pop” on this one.

I am kinda beating this around up to the point where it is a dead horse, and I can’t do anything more on this song.

If someone might be interested in lending a hand mixing/mastering, I’d be willing to upload the files.

Mix A sounds fine on lap-top. Cool song!