Please Bash: 9 to 5 (barely alive) v2

Alright, so since the upload now works, I’m trying this one for a real bash here now, it’s actually an update of the one I first upload @RR here:

What I did is add a bit more compression + more automation on the LV plus beef it up in the low frequencies (around 150hz). I also pushed the echo delay on the chorus out of the way of the LV for the most part, tuning it differently sometimes, removing it or lowering its levels at others.
I’ve also added some part of the choir that was only in the last chorus in the second chorus to provide some change and avoid too much predictability.

That’s about it really! Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks!!

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Ptalbot, listening on some B&O H3 earbubs, they are quite new so I may not be adjusted to them yet.

Heavy pink floyd vibe here. Love the ambience, enjoyed all of the playing. I did make it all the way through this monster of a track, so that is a testament to your song writing skills

The only thing that grated my experience with this is the delay throws, like I mentioned above this buds are new so they may be screwy, but the “throws” were way too prominent for me. For me, a lowpass filter all the way down to about 500-600hz. Would make them gel with the rest of the track. There is a soft smokey feel to this tune and the delay throws were like a pinata for my mind to violently bust into.

Great stuff !

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Sounding great Pat.

Vocal sounds great - I just want it turned up more now. With the delay throws, have you tried sending them into a reverb? Sometimes making them more “diffuse” can really help them blend more - I think that might be what the Cptn is reacting to there.

Man, I love this track :beerbang:


I am listening on an iPhone thru a pair of Sony earbuds. This song sounds great. Well done. A nice mellow tune to start my day.

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Thanks captain!
Glad you manage to make it all the way through, I know it’s a long one! :smiley:

These delays started out in my mind as some kind of poor man’s harmony, which is why they were almost level to the lead vocal. I thought of it as some kind of call/response thing more than delays actually…
Perhaps I should have gone all the way and actually track some real response but I started playing with delays and like it.

I’ll see what I can do so that it’s less like a pinata :boom:

Ouch, surely you must be joking? I already thought they were too loud, and was happy that with more consistency it was blending better with the rest. At one point I tried pushing them and it sounded like a karaoke track with vocals on top :weary:

I’ll try to make them more diffuse and see how it could help. Thanks for the bash again! :beerbang:

Cool! Thanks Al! A mellow start for the day is the best way I know of. Glad you like it!

They were not that harsh, I just write too damn sexy for my own good! Ha!

I am feeling the call and response nature to it, they just felt like they needed the highs muted. “Diffused” if you will. It may be my listening device adding more to it then you have intended. I will throw this tune threw the ol bluetooths, which I am way more “familiar” with.

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+1 on lead vox level increase.

It’s true that you write sexy. I’m always amazed by your imagination (and command of the English language, well, especially the dirty words :laughing:)

I might take you on to write some lyrics for me one of these days, seriously.

Now you’re pushing it!
FYI, I tried a +0.5db and hated it, sounded like pasted on vocals to me.

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+.25db increase ? I know keeping the vox low sometimes has the effect of drawing the listener into the tune, which it what you may be going for? What does it take to get a quarter of a decibal though? Try it, throw it back up here(with the .5 db increase even), amuse @ColdRoomStudio and myself. Aw come on.

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I would like to hear the vocals come up too, but if it throwing the mix out, maybe try ducking the guitar and piano or maybe notch out a bit to bring the vocal out a bit more. The only other comment I can hear on my end is maybe adding a bit of reverb on the piano and drums, the reverb might help push the vocal out more too, but I think a little bit of a eq cut in the 1K area with the piano and guitar might do it. I feel like there needs to be a hair more mid in the kick and a little less volume on the hats which again could be helped with some reverb. Everything I’m saying is all super subtle, and just trying to get the vocal to come out front or push the instruments back.

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Alright, sure I can do that.

Good suggestions @Thunderhouse!
I don’t know about more reverb on the piano, it’s already quite wet and it gets muddy real quick, I though I found the right balance there.
For the drums, I can try adding a bit more mid to the kick, the hats I also had doubts about, so I’ll try pushing it back a tiny bit, one way or the other.

Thanks for the bash! :beerbang:

Also here a version with +0.5db on the vocals. I think it’s still OK.

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Probably best to download and A/B in your DAW or replaygain/loudness compensation player, there’s a small increase in loudness that will of course weight on how you like things…

@holster Don’t worry I’ll delete these after a while, I don’t want to hog your server before the whole thing get started :wink:

the reverb I think worked really well and it just sounds like everything is glued a little better now, like its all in the same space with the vocal.

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@Thunderhouse Ah great! Thanks for checking again, man. I appreciate it.

I think in the end, the +0.5 db is fine as a compromise. The +1db makes me want to lower my monitors when the vocal enters, which is why I think it’s too loud.