Please allow me to introduce myself

Please allow me to introduce myself

My name is Jim. I’m new to the site and I am fairly new to recording. Looking fwd. to learning and interacting with fellow musicians

Welcome Jim! This is a great site with lots of knowledgeable folks.

Welcome to the forum Jim. I look forward to reading you around.

Hi Jim Dive in. Folks are nice and helpful here. Good luck

Welcome! Got a good crew here.

Is there a Dr. in the house??!?

Oh, there is now! Welcome! :smiley:

Hi Jim,hope you enjoy the forum

I would expect you’re a man of wealth and taste. Welcome.

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I have the record for killing threads, but in case you didn’t catch it, those are lyrics from Sympathy For the Devil. I also lead the league in overstating the obvious.

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I said the same thing out loud before I read this. ha ha

Rochester, ay? Gotta be a little nippy up there about now. Anyway, welcome aboard. Feel free to jump in, man!

Welcome… I’ve just returned after a rather long absence…