Play Ball- A Social/Softball Song

Yesterday I watched a 10 year old girls softball double header and the Astros win the World Series. This is supposed to be a song they might play as a little girl goes to bat. Nowadays each girl has their own song.

I’m not considering this done, but I wanted it to be dancy catchy, and also offer some sage advice from the mouths of kids for us adults to ponder, especially with the election in two days. Plus it’s about baseball! I am at a loss where to go with this.

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Hi steban,
I am simply enjoying this song.
And the most loved is the message of this song, very positive and timely for our ultra important elections.
No matter if you’re rich or poor, we should be looking out for the world and society our future grandchildren will be living in.
Great timing Steve!!!

It occurred to me, Rene, that sports teaches us to be good sports. And elections and politics, like sports, requires an agreed finality, especially when it is close. Even if it is a bad call that determines who won, you go through the review process, if there is one, but even if you don’t like the decision, you concede if it goes against you. To me, that is what we are teaching our kids with team sports and all sports, and that it should roll over to our entire life lesson.

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100 % concur!!!
I would also want to add, that sports promote love, and do not condone hate.
Peace and Love to you, Steve!!!

Thank you for reviewing my music! Now your song: makes me wonder where you got the vocals from; someone you know, or sampled? The lyrics are amusing. The organ reminds me of being at Dodger Stadium. That was a fun song, I like it! :slight_smile: