Pingafuego's poor mix attempt

Pingafuego's poor mix attempt


Hi, this is my entry. I tried to tune a little the vocals (Izotope Nectar Pitch Editor).

Used some kick and snare samples, triggered by Slate Trigger.

Waves SSL Channel on tracks, ELI Arousor on guitars an bass. PRS SuperModels in guitars DI (except the solo, I thought it sounds great).

Eventide Stereo Room reverb for rooms. Lexicon LXP plate for guitar bus.

A bit of CLA vocals. Soundtoys pitch shifter for backing vocals.

I had difficult times to mix the bass, and used Izotope Tonal Balance for “visual” monitoring, since my room is untreated. Mixed in KRK Rokits 5.

Thanks for the mix contest. Very nice song Big Al, congrats!

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Sounding good over all on the tones of the gtrs, but they overpower the vocals, bass and drums.

Nice work on the vocal tuning.

I could barely hear the bass. However, I am listening through a laptop with low quality headphones.

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for listening!

I think this is a guitar driven song, so they are loud.

If you have the opportunity to listen in speakers, please let me know what you think about bass mix!!



The guitars are sounding good, maybe a little loud but no worries. I am wondering if they are stepping obscuring the bass. The kick sounds great and i can hear it but i am not getting much from the bass. Could be an eq situation and you need to cut some from the guitar or boast the bass in its “own space”. I also see why you thought my bgvs are too loud, I think that yours are too quiet. I think that if you brought them up some you could use them to create dynamic movement. Overall well done, thanks for joining in.


I actually think this is a pretty great mix. I’m into all the levels, the guitars are just a bit too noisy for me. I would try making them wider. I would also take the “melody guitar” down a bit, boost the solo guitar, and give it some more reverb!


Thanks for participating. Will listen when I get home tonight.


Solid mix. Only suggestions would be to automate the arpeggiated guitar lower when vocals are in and also everything sounds like it’s clipping (in a bad way). All in all, very good mix.


Thanks for your opinions!


I like this mix. I think it’s fascinating that we can take the same song and go Country and Western to death metal with the same instrumentation! Isn’t this a brilliant hobby to have?

For this mix, I will agree with the others - I find the guitars too loud and bright, and this takes away from the singing. There needed to be a little more separation between the guitars and vocals and possibly a little more reverb in places. One thing I did notice (and this is more a criticism of my playing) is all the ridiculous string noises, scrapes and thumps that I managed to put into those guitar parts. On my first mix attempt, I sat and manually cut all those sounds out. With the amount of distortion on your guitars, these awful sounds are just too obvious.

But for the positives, this mix has energy! No doubt about that. You also state that this song needs this kind of mix and then deliver the mix as you stated. That’s cool. Overall, I’m taking away lessons about how to add a bit of energy and chaos to a mix!


Thanks for comments and insight!

The separation issues happened because I used Ozone Imager to narrow the mid energy, so it took out some guitar separation (narrowed mid frequencies, obviously including guitars). If I remove it I can get more separation, but now the mix is submitted!

And I agree with you madpsychot, there are infinite mix approaches, or styles, one could take to do the job. Jus t compare a CLA mix and an Alan Moulder one!



I find it quite scary - let’s say a band comes in with a set of tracks, that they recorded with their vision. I’ve realised just how much a mixer can make or break a track!


I’ve had some issues with Ozone Imager seeming to like… warp the mix. Has anyone else heard that? There’s something happening phase-wise where it feels like part of the mix is folding over another part…


You mean the free imager, or the Ozone built in multiband? I use Ozone 8 and never noticed this warp. Do you notice it on my mix?


Sorry, should have clarified. I only notice it warping while I’m adjusting the settings, and no I didn’t notice it in your mix. I just don’t notice the warp if I’m widening with, say, Waves S1