Piece of me, mix

Metal mix for a change


love the opening. Got a Disturbed vibe going! Dont think the mix needs a lot of tweaks to convey what it does already, but if you are still looking to polish it more, you could bring out the attack of the guitar more and tighten the vocal spread a bit more . The track is definitely loud but doesnt ‘sound’ loud so might want to check the noise floor in case you multi tiered effects.

Cheers for your feedback Michelle .Not really too up on mixing this stuff its a bit specialist but enjoy it and would like to study it all a bit more

I really like this track btw and its going on my permanent playlist if you dont mind :upside_down_face:

In the light of experimentation, I used this track to experiment a bit to create a slightly different sound profile. (Dont get me wrong, I like the original just as much but I wanted to crank up my eq in certain parts :sweat_smile: and give @bozmillar 's Big Clipper a try on this and so far happy with the results.
ps (loud warning and explicit content)

Let me know if you like this kind of sound profile on this, sort of part of a mixing experiment (quality is suffering in certain parts but it gets the point across).

Sounds fantastic

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