Photographs and Memories, Jim Croce 1974

Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits is a 1974 greatest hits album (and second posthumous release) by Jim Croce, originally released on ABC Records.
The album was released a year after Croce’s 1973 death in an airplane crash.

One of my first guitar riff that I learned. I was First Year in high school when this song came out.
My treasured years in Davao City High School are my best years, and love and respect to all my high school friends and classmates.
This song is dedicated to Doris A., currently in the Netherlands.

Hope, Peace and Love!!!
Feedback is much appreciated.


Great cover. Jim Croce is one of my favorite songwriters.

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The “W” on the hat stands for WINNER !! yeah he had great songs. My fav were time in a bottle and I gotta name. carry on ole boy


Hi JayGee,
I am #1 Jim Croce fan, and love all his songs.
I wish he could be with us a bit longer.
I can only imagine how our world could be a much better place to be, with his songs and positive and meaningful messages.
Thank you.

Hi feaker,
W is for “We”, and U is for “Us”
My children graduated in UW, and I am a Winner for being a UW Dad!
I love all his songs, and actually miss him so!

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Thank you for the reviews, now your recording: guitar playing sounds impressive (I wish I could fingerpick like that). And your vocals are excellent. Great job! :slight_smile:

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HI Aaron,
Your wonderful comments are always loved, Aaron!
You are always a treat to hear from, and very much appreciated.
Warm regards,