great song. i tried to have the drums punchy, big chorus, well balanced mix.
i wonder if i’ve used drum samples would it be better mix?
but i just don’t want to buy the trigger plugin, but maybe i should.
miced guitars are used mainly, some of the di tracks are re-amped,
then, mixed underneath the miced tracks.


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it’s not properly uploaded is it??

Got it fixed…good luck!

man, thank you very much!

No way man… You did great with what was there! In fact, the whole mix is excellent!
The only tiny, tiny thing that bugged me was the tom hit in the stop at 2:40. From what I remember there were some phase issues with those tom hits against the overheads (and btwn the 2 toms themselves). After the stop, I’m waiting for WHAM! and I didn’t get it. But’s that’s small potatoes… You’ve done outstanding work!!!
Have fun

Great work man… well balance mix… I can hear clearly every instrument here… (I listen apogee>focal alpha here)
the only thing that I find mixing is the excitement of the song… especially in chorus, it’s a bit too dry… good job !

Sounding good!

The vocals are really up front, which is good. They sound like they might benefit from a little more integration into the track and letting the guitars come forward a bit, for a bit more rock attitude. I wonder if cutting some low end from the vocals might help them sit better…

It sounds like you used a fair bit of bottom snare mic in the mix, which gives the snare a really distinct tone. To my ear, the snare would have benefited from a bit of a “boxiness” cut around 400-500hz.

Overall though - nice job!

Great mix!:+1:

You did great with the clarity on the drums and the guitars in fact the mix overall. Nothing really jumps out at me although i would second that the vocal is a bit too far in front, i think it is a volume change because i like the way you have the vocal sounding.

Sounds pretty good to me. Not a fan of the snare tone though.
Vocals upfront yes, but they sound really good. Overall great job. Good luck! :smile:

thanks for comment. i was more focusing on the toms on 2:30 and overlooked the moment at 2:40.

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i think i had the vocal wet enough in chorus so i guess i should’ve had the guitars wetter? thanks for feedback!

i think you’re right, should’ve been aware of that, thanks.