Personality- Why wait? Why not?

I mixed this for the challenge and maybe a bash, not the contest, but … why not?

I used the untuned vocals (touched up with Cubase’s Vari-audio), the DI electric guitar (reamped in the box), and the miked acoustic guitars. I do mostly sing-songwriter acoustic songs, so don’t have much experience mixing drums or heavy guitars, but I did my best…

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Good morning! I added the rating poll for you. :wink:
Good luck!!

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Thanks! I’m not very good with rules, apparently.

Hi, your mix sounds ok in general. You could definietely improve on the voc tuning (mine is far from perfect too) and thicken the distorted guitars. It is a bit difficult to hear the acoustic as well. Keep mixing!

I actually like leaving some of the vocalist’s flaws in the mix; A loose sense of pitch sometimes defines them. I didn’t really like what the acoustic was doing to the song and progressions, so I emphasized the strumming sound and pushed it down as a subtle rhythmic element. My goal was to actually shrink the electric guitars’ footprint, so the less dense, less “metal-y” sound was what I was trying to achieve. I was hoping it would give the mix a little breathing room.

Thank you for the comments. I appreciate the feedback and opinion from a different set of ears!


for some reason the music player shows up and then disappears from the OP. i have refreshed several times and it does it every time.

Works here, but maybe a direct link will work better? Try this:

Bashing as I listen: drums are a bit soft perhaps for this type of song. Ambiance is fine, and tones are ok for the most part. But some level issues, like disappearing acoustic (perhaps some transient design during the fuller parts could help bringing them back). You said you re-amped the guitars but I think I preferred the original tones. Yours are a bit too fizzy. But it’s not bad, honestly.

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I like the electric guitars not so distorted, it fits the song in my opinion. I feel you could have pushed the master compressor/limiter a little harder

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I like what you did with the song, it has an older kinda 90s vibe to it (which is good!)

While I usually agree, I think the tuned vocals are more modern and fit the song a bit better. I also like what you did with the guitar stabs and kind of wish you’d gone in that direction for the whole mix, the song is good but I think it lacks a clear identity and with some tweaking I think you could do something really interesting.
But like I said, I really like the direction you were going in.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think you are spot on that the mix lacks a clear identity. The fact is, I didn’t find much about the song or singer that I liked, so I was mixing to give it a sound I found more pleasing (less displeasing?) instead of letting the song have it’s own identity. It ended up pretty generic, but I’m ok with that…
I have more and more respect for the pros who can mix a song regardless of whether they like the artist, song, or genre.

Overall good balance and everything comes together nicely. I like some of the different touches you gave it. I find that the vocals are too thin for my taste. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice balances, but it feels to me that guitars are too thin.

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drums sounds great, guitar sounds different than mine but yours sounds more like a tele. i like your vibe.

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Hey, it sounds pretty fine to me and your mix is very to listen to, IMO :blush: (listening both files)
Nice stereo field, I really like the bass tone.
The really thing that bother me is the snare sound. It seems to me that there is too much bottom mic, or you did some triggering for that part and the choosen sample doesn’t blend well with the original snare sound… (I hope you got it :smile:)

By the way, cool job to me!

Nice mix, evanwood! I like the thinner EGTs; I should have re-amped… They first struck me as too thin, but now I think I would have just filled a little of the extra space with bass. :grin: I think the lead guitar could be a little bigger though…

Nice work!

If you get the chance, please listen to my mix and comment; I’d appreciate it!

Mike K Mix of Personality