"Personality" - Why Wait ::: Mixed by Oz

"Personality" - Why Wait ::: Mixed by Oz


Howdy! What a great song to play with, thanks!!
Loved the bass riff so I passed it and the kick through analog and comp to give it a rich low end. Reamped guitars but left originals and blended in for body and spiced up some stuff here and there. Tried to stick as most as possible to the original intention, yet adding a little hard rock punch to it. Hope you enjoy!.


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Interesting mix!

Some things as I just listen to your mix:

  • The base is huge! I think it takes up too much space in the mix, especially in the beginning.
  • I like the rest of the balance in the mix
  • The guitar sound is nice.
  • The delay effect on the vocal sounds very artificial in my ears
  • The voice sounds rather small. This is in contrast to the delay effect, which suggests vast spaces.
  • The doubler on the background voice sounds very synthetic

Good Luck!


Thanks! Yeah, I did feel the urge of try giving the bass some fuzz but time was running out and I just tossed it up there as it was, I guess my ears got used to it:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:. Thanks for the vocal refference. The vocal channel fx bus was a little high and the verbs are also punching out too much in some parts. Didn’t get a chance to even them off but thanks for the observation!! Maybe I pumped the rest of the mix itself a lot and didn’t give the proper attention to vocals:thinking:
Thank you very much @BengtS :beerbang:


Nice i like the use of the effects to create some depth and movement. The vocals are too loud and dry in the vocals and are therefore sticking out of the mix. I think pulling those back a touch and making them a wetter would help them to gel with the rest of the mix. Anyway lots of fun elements in this mix, thanks for sharing.


Interesting mix, Oz… I think you may have gotten carried away with the bass a bit too much. The mix sounds very “woolly” to my ears, and the bass is really taking too much space. It’s effectively robbing the mix of clarity.

@BengtS really nailed the main points of the critique down for me - I pretty much agree on all those points.

It’s great to hear you take the mix in a bold direction, but whenever you do that, I think referencing becomes even more critical. Even when I hear bold and different-sounding commercial mixes, they generally sit comfortably in a playlist with more “normal” sounding mixes, so that’s something I try to bear in mind in that situation.


Thanks for that, I did feel something that didn’t convince me in the vocals and towards the end, I was so tired (6am) that I pushed up the fx buss instead of the verb :joy: *facepalm

I’ll keep that in mind in this and every other mix to come, thanks!!!


Hahahajahajaha, yeah, I think I did, sorry. Was just getting out of bronchitis and mixing @home, think my monitors didn’t help out :sweat_smile:

Thanks for that last paragraph, as @redworks, these are words I will keep in mind in every future mix.

You guys rock, thanks!!!