Personality - Rijavia MIX

Hi fellas , here it is my mix of the song.Feel free to vote and give me your opinion >I know i can do it better , but that’s for now - next time it will be better !!! Cheers !!!

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Sounds good to my ears

One minor point: overall space has some sort of hollowness with it.
ANother: guitars have a small boxiness effect in low mids.

Those things could be caused by same thing

I agree with the above. I like the reverb on voc. I would bring the kick and snare up a bit. The second guitar feedback seems a bit loud. Good job overall.

Cool take on this mix. I think that with the the chorus vocal it gets a little like singing into a box while the verse vocals are some of the best treatment yet. I feel like opening those chorus vocals would have opened up the song at that point and been more dynamic overall. Well that is my 5 cents. Thanks for sharing.

Rijavia! nice mix! Nice balances overall, good frequency spread. It’s a little wet for my taste, but that’s just my taste. But I could use some separation between instruments. Especially with several electric guitars and voice, hi-pass filters on the guitars will separate them from the bass and each other and leave more room for your vocals. (Thinning out your reverb will clarify things too.) Do you ever EQ in mono? It’s painful :anguished: , but you can hear where instruments overlap each other more easily. Nice work!

If you get the chance, please listen to my mix and comment; I’d appreciate it!

Mike K Mix of Personality

Good job overall. The only thing that stands out to me is the breath inhale in the vocal. I found them very distracting

Good job

Hi guys , thanks for the opinions .It will have chance to be better.But sorry not enough free time.Next time better mix , i promise !!!

I like how ballsy the guitars sound, there’s a ton of midrange but I think it works, its very aggresive and works for the song.
I would focus on three things in this mix:
I can’t be sure, but the mix may actually be clipping, maybe it sounds that way because of the compression but it’s someting that needs addressing, I would say that you need to tone down the compression on the 2buss and check your meters for any overs, This alone would raise the quality of the mix quite a bit.

The vocals are a bit boxy, pulling back some midrange on them could make them sound a bit more pleasant.

The feedback at 1:40 is a bit too piercing for my ears…

I like the aggressivenes of the mix, it works for the song, just focus on getting a good mid balance and keep an eye on your meters!