Personality Rick's mix

Hey everyone, this is my final mix for the competition. Pretty straight forward, no changing in arrangement or anything. The only thing I did was cut the breaths before the vocal lines and cut the last personality on the backing vocal track a little short, to match the main vox. And I didn’t use all the DI guitars, didn’t feel like it was needed to achieve the sound that I wanted. Mixed on Logic Pro X, with stock, Waves, Slate and Voxengo plugins. Hope you enjoy!


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Bashing as I listen:
Wow, the drums are big right off the bat! Perhaps too big as they kind of dwarf the vocals?
Same for the guitars. The vocals is a little buried behind the wall of sound.
Even the lead guitar would need a level push against the rhythm guitars.
Good tones throughout though, as an instrumental, it would work well. As a song, the vocals need a little more attention IMHO…

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Nice mix. The biggest issue I hear is the kick drum is a bit too “thuddy”. Once that is resolved, everything should fall into place.

Good balance over all kick is a bit thuddy giving the mix a “scooped” feel Vocals have a great tone as do the guitars… Well done

Thanks for the feedback guys!!

Nice balance on the instruments but i do feel that the vocals are being masked by the guitars. i am wondering if you boasted an of the guitars around the 2k?

Nice mix… drums sound Big…
My opinion, kick sound too thud, bass masking the kick, Vocal a little burried, guitars are okay.
good job

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Good mix, a little “hollow” kick and dull bass. Nice guitars.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!! Wish I could change a few things, hahahahaha. But it’s all good, always learning!

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The vocals are a little dark for my taste, could be a little brighter and more up front. Listening with a sub, there isn’t much separation with the kik and bass. I feel like the bass could also use a little more high end to get the pick attack.

Nice mix Rick.
I am missing a little high end in my opinion but that’s more personal taste.
And 1db or so raise for the lead vox.
Good luck.

Sounds good, a bit too much sub lows on the kick and bass.

A bit “boomy” on kick, I think… The vocal is quite polite in my opinion… But good luck anyway… Cheers! :smile:

I like the overall sound very much. Feels very coherent vison.

Some small issues came to my mind.

  • low end is a bit too full (maybe your monitoring lacks the low end?)
  • vox could need some magic wand to give it the final touch