No experiment, adding a little bit of (kick and snare) samples. Dynamic range 9 - 10 dB, no volume war :-).
Good sound to all wishes Pyhos.

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Friendly reminder, you need 10 posts in the community before you can qualify for the contest. Your song upload will not qualify until then.

Go ahead introduce yourself and join in the topics of conversation going on, you will get to 10 posts easily

This is a pretty good sounding mix. I guess it’s a little subjective, but the bass guitar seems a little overpowering in the low end, and is taking away from some of the kick thump. It also seems like the kick is a little too clicky in some places. Just my opinion though, everybody like something different.

The mix is tight but the bass guitar sound abit muddy to my ears.
The cymbals are lost a bit in the mix.
The snare lacks a bit of presents on the openig.

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I like what you’ve done with the guitars here though I feel it might be a little imbalanced, I can’t be sure since I don’t have an optimal listening environment here, might just want to double check.
I also really like how up front and powerful the vocal sounds in your mix.
The only critique I can make here is merely subjective, I think you could play around with the arrangement a bit more and create a bit more interest by making some parts a bit quieter.
Otherwise its a great mix to my ears.

I am listening in ear plugs, sorry about that, but seems it lacks a bit of low end to me.
I would play a little different with the volume of some tracks, but unfortunatelly general sound good.

Nice mix, snare and toms need a bit more punch, I would also have a look ant kick bass interaction as kick gets a bit buried in the choruses, otherwise good job.

Nice mix.
I like the drums most of all. The vox are also at just the right place.
I would prefer the guitars with a bit more bite. I think they sound too mellow for the genre of the song.
Other than that great mix.
Good luck.

Thank you for your opinions. Good luck to everyone. P.

Nice natural sound. I like the drums and vox especially. Your low subs are maybe a bit uncontrolled

nice balanced mix overall. acoustic guitar seems to blend well.

Thank you for your response. P.

Thank you for your response. P

pretty good sounding mix… the bass seems a little overpowering the kick… maybe try HPF the bass a little to give more space for the kick…

Diggin the drum sound - nice “woody” sounding snare with well judged space around it. Bass is nice and full in the low end, yet audible in the mids.
Vocals sound lovely - really clear and up front - perfect for this genre. This is really a pleasure to listen to

About the only thing I noticed was that the sub bass in the kick is a tad on the hot side - it’s pulsing my sub more prominently than I would expect for a rock track like this.
Very nice!

I like full kicks (not too cut), but maybe you’re right. On the other hand, the track isn´t so fast (no speedy punk :slight_smile: ), so I assumed, that mix can handle more bass on the kick.
Thank You very much for Your opinion. P

Sounds pretty good to me. Good balance overall. I’m listening on PC speakers right now so I can’t judge the subs, but what comes through is solid enough. Overall pretty tasty. Good job!

Well done mix. A little bit like it is hitting the limiter too hard for my ears in a couple of places (chorus). It could just be my ears are getting tired. The mix builds well and the vocals are really well treated.

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Thank You for Your opinion. P.

Thank You for Your response. I used a very decent limiting. RMS maximum of the mixdown track is about -10 dB.
I’d rather observe -18 dBVU, but analog dynamic times are irretrievably gone.

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