Personality - My mix

Hi everyone ! My entry for the contest here :blush:

This is just a regular mix, nothing special goin’ on!

Thank you for taking the time to listen and note !

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Commenting as I listen. Nice tight intro, when they come in the vocals are underwhelming (too airy/reverby for me). Balance is good for the most part and the song builds nicely. THanks for sharing.

Bashing as I listen: the snare sounds overly compressed, too much smack and little sustain.
I agree with red above that the vocals could be more present. I’m not sold on the reverb on the LV that is a bit too bright, some high shelf cut or HPF would have helped here.
Overall not bad, but for these nitpicks. Good luck!

sound over compressed. I think it need more sustain, especially drums. IMHO the overall mix too wet too.
good luck!

Hello. My impression. A bit unnatural sound, especially the drums (maybe needs more air and space). Overall too synthetic, for this genre of music - to my ears.
It´s only my point of view, of course!

Drums don’t breath properly due to the compressor. I wonder if the vox is too effected and distant? Vox and the band are not in the same room.

A bit too much compression in the low freq, and need more saturation in the mid range. IMHO.

But good try from the vocal. It depends on taste, I think! Good luck mate!

Cheers! :smile:

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Coloured mix!
Sounds a bit overcompressed and over-effected.

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I like most of your balances, I would just separate the elements by widening your frequency spread. Higher highs and lower lows will make more space in the middle… (I think Benjamin Franklin first said that… :wink:) Good work!

If you get the chance, please listen to my mix and comment; I’d appreciate it!

Mike K Mix of Personality

I just posted on your brothers mix Tokiojo Anyways,:grinning:

Well no use in sugar coating it .I guess if it were me I would turn everything off on the master track the 2buss whatever you call it and see what it sounds like. If that wasn’t working I would go to each group(drums ,Guitars, vocals) and turn all processing off. Then turn each one back on listening to what each thing is adding or subtracting from the sound…

I think by doing this it will help with the bass pumping ,the mud and also help to clean the mix up.

I do find myself doing this sometimes it sucks ,but it forces you to listen to things more closely. Also, put a reference track into your daw can help .

Rapidly :

  • drums hits are over compressed, make the song pump.
  • the snare is too dark, need more high end.
  • the amount of distortion killed the transient of the bass.

You should try to be just more gentle on the comp, the balance is good.

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I like the voc FX. The mix dynamics is reduced a bit too much as pointed out above.

Good effort and well done for trying something different. Reminds me of a kinda West Australian surf/post punk rock sound going on…Tame Impala anyone…good stuff man!