Personality mix

Hi all my name is Alan Mansfield
Here is my mix, mixed in protools with Mcdsp plugs mainly and a few others like the stock stuff etc.

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Make sure to read all of the rules, you have to be a member with, at least, 10 posts in order for people to hear it. Links and site player are locked until then, So go ahead and introduce yourself and join our community for some discussion

Hi Alan & welcome to the site.

I think what The Cptn means is that to qualify to enter the competition, you have to have at least 10 posts on the site here.

Unless your mix is uploaded to the site player and playable on it, your mix won’t qualify to enter the comp. For that to happen you need to engage somewhat with the community here and have a minimum amount of posts.

By the looks of things you have 2 posts now, so I’m sure another 8 won’t be a hardship.

All the best with your mix!

Oh I see thanks for that

Thanks! Yes that is what I meant Good luck @takka360 !

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hey mate, mixes are great… kick and snare too domiinant though… IMHO Electric Guitar too far back… cheers

Cheers for the listen

Hey Alan, welcome! Great to see you here!
Happy New Year and good luck with the mix. :beerbang:

Hi mate you too bud

Man you have got them drums kicking. Did you do some triggering or is that just the drum tracks that came with the files? I think personally the balance between the acoustic and the electric guitars is a little slanted in the acoustic side. I think with the drums hitting so hard you could have brought the bass a little more into play as well giving it more of a drum and bass feel. These are just personal taste things really because this is a good mix.

Hi Nice track I hear something off a bit, maybe out of tune from around 13-18 seconds. I might be wrong???



Cheers for the listen.No samples used

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Cool. Good to know just for my own interest.

Nice organic drum sound. Nice vox fx. I would bring the acoustic guitar a bit down, but that’s my personal taste.Great kick and bass too. Good luck!

Thanks very much rick

Listening to this again its not great at all eq wise I think I could have done far better. Think I rushed it too much

I like your snare tone. I can hear the clicking sound throughout the song, is it a hihat? Cool mix.

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Yes its heavily in the snare track. Cheers and glad you like it.

Hi Takka,
Nice mix.
As a personal taste I would bring a bit down the acoustic and raise the electric gtrs.
I like very much the kick and the drums in general. I just think that they are bit loud at some points…
In the 1st verse when the vocals kick in I feel like the gtrs are a bit low and at 0:42 like the come back to the right volume. I don’t know if that’s on purpose or not but I’d prefer it on the same volume from the beginning.

Good luck

Cheers ManAbyss for the listen and feedback