Personality Mix - bash away

Hey there everyone

This is my first pass on this song. I wanted to post it here before finalizing it, to get some opinions. I still gonna do some tweaking and automation, and edit the end, but this is the direction that I took. I realize now that there’s too much low end on the kick, so that’s something that I will correct for the final version. I had a great time mixing this, my biggest challenge was the cymbal bleed on the top snare track, drove me crazy!!! Hope you guys like it.


Hey @rick78 really nice mix.
I like how the mix is a bit dark and quite dry, you make it work well, my main suggestions here would be:
Main Vocal: The chorus is great, don’t change anything. I think you could cut a bit more of the lows for the main verse and it would help it fit in with the mix better. I also think there are some overlapping frequencies with the guitar in the first verse, if you can carve a bit more space for the vocals it would sound even better.

Background vocals: I think you could turn these up a bit more, they can add a bit of drama at the right moment if you let them be heard a bit more.

Bass: I think you could add more low mids adding some more body to the overall mix.

I didn’t hear any obvious problems with the kick with my headphones, but it might sound different on my larger speakers, I’ll check back in tomorrow when I can turn it up. :wink:
Overall, I think this mix sounds really good, any tweaks you make from here on should be made in order to enhance the energy of the arrangement.

Hey thanks for the feedback man!! It’s not the first time someone says that my mix is a little dark, it’s not on purpose, it’s just how it comes out!! What happened with the vocals is I usually have the electric guitars hard panned left and right, so there’s more room for the voice. For this song, I hard panned the acoustic, and have the electric guitars panned, but not all the way, and plus another guitar track right in the middle. Also, the backing vocals were a choice, I left them like that on purpose, I’m going through a phase of not loud backing vox, hahahaha. But I’ll take it in consideration!

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Sounds great. The bass could be a little more prominent in the mix, but that’s about it.

Of course the BASSMASTER would say that. Hahahaha, just joking. I kinda agree, I feel it’s more lack of definition than volume, gonna work more in it.


Seriously, nice mix, really.
The only thing i would have done is to improve the attack of the snare.
Awesome !

Sounds good to me Rick! Will you enter it in the competition?