Perpetual Escape: 'Stop And Rise'

Perpetual Escape: 'Stop And Rise'
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Had some time to mix .This is a song from I ran out of time to fix somethings ,but let me know how it sounds on your system.

Thanks for your time and comments!


pretty cool. seems to be a little too much sibilance on the lead vocal


Sounds great, mixwise - nice & full, wide, big soundstage with great clarity.

The only thing that I feel needs attention is the vocal tuning - some of the backgrounds are pretty off-key, and there are a few sour notes on the lead too.

Nice work!


As usual thanks @ColdRoomStudio for your time!

As for the tuning I tried reapers Reatune, but it wasn’t getting it done. I found in this song and a lot of others that I mix that It might be time to make a investment in Celemonys melodyne(Reaper is in beta testing rt now by the way).I just have a lot of other needs(monitors, Interface etc) as I go down this mixing rabbit hole I’m not sure buying all of it is worth it knowing I will never make any money at mixing, but it drives me crazy hearing all the out of tune Gt,bass and vocals tracks lol. Just some things I’m pondering if I want to get my mixes to the next level.
Thanks again!


It’s an odd song, it get’s pretty heavy at times, and at other times it’s very mellow. I think you got a great heavy drum sound, but I don’t think that sound works for the softer sections of the song. I would suggest on trying to tie the different sections together so they flow better into one another. IF possible, de emphasize the heavy guitars at times then bring them up in the heavy parts for example.


The whole song is sounding awesome and the mix is already great. My comments are me being picky so please pardon me. :slight_smile:

Lovin the intro. That acoustic guitar really has a great sound to it. sounds really pro. That distorted guitar tone is so sick man.! congrats!
I’d love to hear that snare cut through the mix more. And the kick could get away with some more compression for the punch. It may need to be a brighter for it to balance out with that killer guitar tone. especially the snare drum.

The vocals high pass may need to be moved to the left a bit to have a bit of low end. It somehow gives out a vibe that its not part of the song. Balancing the low end of the vocals with the instrument track may solve this. I also think you could get away with more compression on the master buss to help the vocals glue more with the track. Just my 2 cents.

If you don’t mind, what did you use for the rhythm guitar tone? I hope you could fill me in.
Cheers and congrats man!


Thanks for the listen @ tachin1

I had the same feeling while I was mixing this song. I wasn’t really thinking about the song as much as trying to work on my drum and guitar sounds. I well keep in in mind when I run across this again tho.

Thanks again!


Hey @ brianinogang thanks for the listen!

This was my second time reamping I guess it would be reamping so it was a learning curve.

The guitars are with theses set-ups

LT side Tse 808-> Nick crow 8505-> NadIR with Catharsis Impulses

RT side Tse 808-> Nick crow 7170-> NadIR with Catharsis Impulses

In the chorus I used a Guitarhack impulse on one side

Then into the guitar buss which had the ssl g buss compressor by waves I then sent that to a parallel buss that had the API2500 compressor on it.

Ya the snare I would have liked it a little cleaner sounding not sure if I should have tried adding a different sample to the snare buss but I was running out of cpu running the amp set-ups.

AS for the vocal yes I think a little to the left might work I’m just having a hard time hearing some things with the monitor set up I have

Thanks again for the comment and your time if you know of any good impulses or amp sims let me know.


@jerze no worries its my pleasure to help. There’s also a collection of free impulses at I got those way back in 2008 I think and i still use them now. Im not sure if they’re still free to download now. The Impulses from Alu works great. And also go to Alex Wilkinson gives out a free impulse pack called god’s cab. They really work well with the free amp sims from tse, lepou and nick crow. As for the paid ones, I have Ownhammer impulses and they’re really good. For paid amp sims, I highly recommend TH3 if you’re into the randall sounds like ola englunds tone and dimebags. The ampsims work great. And I also use Amplitube Mesa Boogie collection. They’re really “legit” sounding. The behaviour of the amp sims almost behaves the same as the real ones. And of course guitar rig’s rammfire for metal. Oh and I almost forgot the DIEZUL VH4 amp sim works great. I have posted a demo on youtube. Just lemme know if you wanna hear the diezul in a mix. Cheers man and great song. I’ll definitely wait for the updated mix.