Peace on the Path

It was too cold to do anything yesterday except write this song. It is for my wife’s walking playlist for her new mp3 player and bluetooth headphones. She didn’t ask for it, hasn’t yet heard it, don’t know if she’ll like it or not, but that never stopped me before!

The title was inspired by an older song Shankarji of Charas recorded of mine called No Peace in La Paz back in the Garageband days. Its lyric was misunderstood frequently in the blind reviews, such as No Peas in the Path.

It’s a simple song, two musical parts that are like verse/chorus. The Korg M1 is the only synth, dated but has such rich tone. I’m absolutely sure I had no prior intention to create a song that sounds like this, and yet here it is. What do you think?

Peace on the Path by Steve Bancroft

On your way in the world today you got to try your best to understand
Do what you can, you don’t need a plan, maybe lend a helping hand

And if everything doesn’t go as planned, don’t bury your head in the sand
Simply take a look around you, what you see may well astound you

And to think that it surrounds you everywhere you go
Because life’s a puzzle we might oneday solve but more likely never know

Peace on the path
Peace on the path
Peace on the path today

The rain was cooling
Now the sun is shining
It’s suddenly a beautiful day

Peace on the path
Peace on the path
Peace on the path today

It couldn’t be better
To feel this unfettered
Peace on the path today

On your way in the world today, heading down the path of peace
It is not the destination it’s the journey that brings us emotional release

You don’t have to forget or ignore or pretend
You don’t have to forgive or even defend

You don’t have to be mad or sad or depressed
And if you are tired you can just take a rest

And if you are thirsty just take a swig of water
Unless you feel the urge to drink something stronger

But there’s peace on the path
You stay off the grass
You do what the signs say

Peace on the path
Peace on the path
Peace on the path today

Putting one foot in front of the other
That’s the way we make it okay

Peace on the path
Peace on the path
Peace on the path today

Onward and upward
Forward, never backward
Peace on the path today

Rainbows offering treasures waiting
Flowers blooming scents
The air you’re breathing

Peace on the path
Peace on the path
Peace on the path today

Hey Steban,
Love the feel of what you’re going for here. Very cool lyrics and I love the vocal style.
A couple of things I’d recommend, however. The vocal delivery is out of time with the music quite often, to the point where it is distracting and you are losing your message. It actually sounds a little like you are not able to hear the backing track as you were singing.

The volume of the vocals and some of the latter instruments post intro are also quite loud and smother what is a really cool foundations. I especially love the slightly off beat drum roll that lags but gives an awesome feel to the song as it transitions.

The lyrics are really cool and I love the attitude that you give it!

The delivery/timing of the vocals generally seem to improve over time but I would recommend re-recording them to have them sit a little more in the groove of the song and edit as you need to.

The ending and harmonies are cool! Great feel that compliment the synth well. It would be great to have it fade out with that combo.

Good stuff and I hope your wife likes it! Hopefully you sneak it onto her playlist and she only discovers it halfway into her walk!
Keep us updated.

Quite helpful, Dan! I think I was making up the vocal melody and arrangement as I was singing it, and I do think I can sing it much better. Thank god to stretch markers still!

I do need to reign in the volume on some instruments and vocals as well. I was getting caught up in that riff/beat I was generating and I’m sure not finessing it yet.

I will certainly have to be devious, and I may give it to her in this version. This way, she will be able to notice the improvement later!

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