Patreon and independent artists/bands

As I was working on setting up Patreon here on the site, I’ve been exploring around to see how effective the platform has been for bands and artists. I’m seeing this widely used by YouTube content creators, but I’m curious to see if it has worked well for bands/artists.

It’s possible that @ptalbot might have some insight on this. If it really is effective, I’d like to set it up in here for bands to share their music on here and share their Patreon links etc.

Either way I’m curious to know of people’s experience with the platform and whether it has worked at all for them

For bands and artists, unless you have grown a significant fan base (and really “super fans”) it’s more a miss than a hit. More and more, people are solicited from every corner so they will think twice before supporting financially, which is where the “super fans” (the one that are going to buy anything you put out) are key.

Growing that “super fans” base requires constant social media presence and interaction, up to date content practically every day, (video content is king as well), incentives during gigs, radio and blog presence, a Youtube channel that updates very regularly (with content that can appeal to the masses), etc. - not for the faint of heart.

Perhaps you have enough of a regulars here that could help, but for bands and artists, that’s another story, really. As usual, YMMV :wink:


Thanks for chiming in @ptalbot! I knew you’d have some good insight :beerbanger: