Parksaudio Official Personality Mix

hi guys, this is my final mix for the competition.
Mixing in Headphones.
I hope you like the mix. Thanks.

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Sounds great to me.
I also happen to like that loose and noisy snare. It gives some human touch to the sound. I always prefer an illusion of crazy drummer instead of controlled robotic drums.

Very nice!!! Love what you did with the snare on the second verse’s intro.

Feel the cymbals a little harsh, might be because of the headphones frequency response and the fact that they fatigue the ears quickly, especially on long sessions. Nothing a deesser could’t take care of though!

Great mix, especially due to the fact that you used headphones! Good Luck!

I like this mix very much!

I like the sound of the guitars.
I think the snare could be a bit snappier
Perhaps a tad too much reverb in the vocal

Great mix! Good luck!

nice mix man, agree with with @BunkerAudioPanama about the harshness.
You should maybe add more low too (bass/kick/toms)
The attack of the snare is too short for me.
Nive vocals.

Good luck

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I really like your mix!
Powerful & energetic.
Great use of effects.
For some reason I can’t see the voting panel (on your page only).
If it gets fixed send me a message to come back and vote!

Great job!

Thanks for the feedback ManAbyss!

i dont know whats wrong…
i am not good at english.

hi @Moa22 @BunkerAudioPanama
I fixed my mix based on your advice.
Let me know what you think!

Great mix. Good energy and movement, good movement and dynamics, good job. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the feedback redworks.

No problem it got fixed and I gave you my vote! Great job!

Energetic, powerful mix! I like the overall sound and attitude.

2 points that might improve it:

  • The drum kit as a whole is a little “edgy” and harsh sounding in the high mids - maybe strapping an eq across the drum buss and eq’ing that out might help tone that down.

  • It sounds a little too much “in your face” all the time. Some automation on the saturation on the drums and some volume automation across the whole mix to give some variation between sections of the song would have been welcome to my ear.

Cool stuff!

Thanks for your advice. It’s a great help for me!