Panels and lighting

Panels and lighting
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I’m thinking I’m just going to go with a few clip on lamps for now, like this:

I can just clamp them to the cloud and hang it over the edge. Cheapish, easy, and non permanent.


Looks eminently practical. :+1:


Man, a couple of those would be PERFECT for my new desk setup. No, I do not use those speakers for monitors, I only do headphone mixes for now. The speakers are mostly for Mrs. Big Al’s use.


I would nix the dimmer… they are well-known sources of noise you don’t need. Consider two separate lighting circuits… one with low-wattage and another with higher wattage, and switch between the two to change color, lighting requirements, or ambiance. Yes, it’s more fixtures. But, a simple on-off-switch doesn’t produce constant noise like a dimmer does.

I’d love to know where (and if) dimmers are available that do NOT produce noise… so far, I haven’t found them.



@Starliner, I use the Hue lights. They don’t seem to buzz, even when I place them in the same circuit as the other gear. Some of my outlets…the ones that have the machine racks, mixer, guitar amps, etc… all all a dedicated circuit. One plug per breaker switch. I rewired so I didn’t even have to think about the noise. I do have a non-smart switch with a dimmer, and the other stuff doesn’t bat an eye at it.