PA job :)

PA job :)


yeah, but use the highest quality 5GHz one you can lay your hands on (eg. Apple).


Nice, cause I still have one laying somewhere doing nothing :slight_smile:


Awesome! RESET it and set it up again (new password etc) before you use it. Bring a spare cat 5 cable. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all this info guys, this is very helpful for me ! My view has broadend multiple times, before I even touched the thing :smiley: I have checked out the interface today, but thats about it :slight_smile:


Thats for the guys who own the thing :slight_smile: I’m just using it :smiley:


excellent. have fun and be awesome at this. just remember to listen to the drums/ guitar cab @ 50 feet, and fix THAT…this isnt the recording studio where you hear it at 4 inches, and subsequently make your decisions.

Also, allow for the fact that the room adds a huge amount of low mid/bass end uneveness to everything… so allow for that when you compensate by adding stuff into your mix and you will be FINE :slight_smile:


Thanks mate :slight_smile: I’m going to do my best, and gonna have fun any way :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking about that. I’m gonna have to be verry minimal minded in the beginning :slight_smile:


Luckely I played in bands for years, and got some what of a feeling for how it should sound a bit, so I think with some time it will be ok :slight_smile:


yep, that PA is probably pretty limited, plenty top and bottom end probably (knowing Bose gear) but no great shakes in the mid range. Which is fine because thats probably all you need for quietish bands that produce most of their midrange from stage…

Let us know how it goes.


Yep, bog standard domestic £25 thing will do the trick.


Its been a few years, and I’m not into the heavy rock thing that much, but its a lot of fun to record rock bands live, then mix that into a live video. One day, I will make a website out of it all.


“This video was removed due to …” ?