Ozone 8 as plugin in Studio One cuts start of a song

Here’s the same song, unmastered and mastered, same area for the track, and doing a project in Studio One that should go to the CD printing factory. Now I am at wit’s end as the previous track should transition a clean intro into this and this song should hit with the 1st chord, and it is clearly chopping it off.

using Presonus Studio One 2.5.0 x64

Decided to rule out the final mastering chain, I had an Ozone 8 plugin for slight stereo widening and a hard limiter to catch any roque peaks and dither, and it turns out that is the culprit.

Ozone 8 has been nothing but trouble on this system.

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Glad you got it figured out D! I have noticed similar things, that some combinations of settings induce latency that is very noticeable. I don’t generally use it on a track though, only on the master bus. For individual tracks I often use the companion Alloy plugin, I do like how the Izotope components play nicely with each other, and the similar look & feel of the interfaces is helpful for me workflow-wise…

Judging from the timestamps, you didn’t spend too terribly long in frustration mode, so there’s that!

@Chordwainer there was a 2 day frustration mode at which point I was about to scrap Studio One.
I did untold amount of CD renders, printed to CD, to mp3, to whatever you can think of and it kept cutting my first 2-3 millisecond from each track.

It is not latency, this plugin (Ozone 8) chops up the beginning of each track in Project mode. This is the mastering mode in Studio One.

In the end I just used another Limiter https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/trstealthlimiter/ which also has dither, although I think I prefer the Ozone 8 app as I could also use it to add a little more stereo widening. This one has a “harmonics” mode which also imparted a bit of a tube harmonics to the masters. Apples and oranges at this point…it’s finished :slight_smile:

I just can’t believe how you can’t rely on anything these days, and have to double and triple check your project. It might have gone it the chopped form to radio stations, the CD burning shop, podcasts, streaming sites, etc. at which point pulling back is a lot harder.

Yikes! More pain than I’d realized. Glad you did get it figure out…!

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