'Outa Control mix

Rock mix,this is the stuff i like mixing


I can tell. This mix just feels and sounds right. Nicely done.

Cheers mate

Sounds great Alan!..

Man, that band really sucks, though :laughing:

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Cheers mate glad you think so

Glad he thinks the band sucks? :thinking:


Great mix.

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Sounds like a really good mix to me. Does anyone else find that the singer sounds like Cold Room Studios (Andrew)?


In my opinion the mix sounds pretty good, everything sounds very balanced, i don’t feel any fadigue listening to it (wich means the low mid its pretty under control (no pun intented)), things are crystal clear, the compression in the drum make it really enjoyfull to listen. Yeah, good work mate.

Cheers for the feedback

Nice clean mix. I can hear all the parts. I like the song