Our collaborations with forum friends

Hey folks, I thought I’d post in one thread here the several songs I have done with a little help from my friends here on the forum (and on RR before here). My main collaborator is @Jonathan on keyboards, but there are a couple other guest turns too. So cool to get to do this, and in every single instance the contributions I got completely made the sound and the songs. So without further ado…

No Chime to Lose: an original instrumental. Hammond B3 by @Jonathan.

Ape Man: the Kinks classic. Rollicking barrelhouse piano by @Emma, spoken-word voiceover by @AJ113, jungle sound effects by my stepson and grandson :grin:

Reverie: original, with Rhodes electric piano by @Jonathan.

Love Songs Left: original, @Jonathan on piano and B3.

Who’ll Stop the Rain: the Creedence classic. @Jonathan on piano and B3 again, and my beloved niece Amy on duet lead vox.

Honorable mention: Two Angels, by Peter Case. Here I have harmony vocal from @Sven’s close friend Julianne Milin, an opera singer, who kindly contributed this vocal when she and Sven visited Houston last year. So a forum collab once removed. :wink:

Post yours if you got 'em! If you don’t, make some with the great folks here and post 'em!


This is so awesome to see how much you all have worked together! This is what it’s all about!!!

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Cool idea Dave, it’s always really interesting for me to see collabs… I don’t do them easily… have tried to do a lot more than I have completed… [inserts rolleyes icon :thinking:]
I’ve worked on several with Patrick - both his and mine… but we only finished a couple

My greatest ever number of plays was for this curious soundcloud collab:

Another soundcloud collab is:

O, I also worked on some with Mathieu - aka kakeux, that’s going back a way… must see where I’ve filed them… ah yeah… he played a great bass for a song that has been in my parking zone for literally years… sigh… must do must do… oops


Dang! Those were a blast! Thanks for posting :smiley:

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This was one of a few collabs I did with RR members, I did the vocals on “Toys In The Attic”.


Funny, I recently pulled out the files you gave me for this. I’ve got a friend that’s going to lay down a lead guitar solo and I’m going to re-track my vocals.

I’ve got the guitar tracks for the song I posted in the collab section of this site. Basically, I have to record the drum tracks and I’ll be ready to post it for the mix contest. I just haven’t had much time to sit at my kit. :frowning:

So you were keeping your Toys (tracks) in the Attic (storage)? :smile: The music tracks actually came not from me but an RR member named ccc187307 IIRC. I think I only got a stereo music track to put my vocals on.

What mix contest? An IRD mix contest? :confused:

Well done Dave, or should I say Indie Collabs?
I liked your originals! Its amazing how many people have written songs about how everything’s already been said about love songs and still manage to pull of something original. So did you. Good work :grin:
And yeah,
Johnathan’s a real asset in there!
I haven’t tried it yet, but if anybody’s willin’ (can’t resist the reference) to ben movin’ (files across the internet), I’m game!

I haven’t got any new songs planned yet (I’l be on holiday for a while soon, so probably no earlier than oktober). But I may be looking out for some one who does know how to play a bass guitar, piano, B3 or, some weird and wonderful eh… whatever. Maybe I’ll post a few tracks that I want to do myself and ask ideas for the rest? I’d be honored!

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Thank you sir! I hope you go for it on collabs, I’d love to see more of that happening here… and it is tons of fun!

I was referring to this thread: