Original song: "Something old and something new"

I wrote this song in Febuari a few days after we had a strangly warm couple of days (about 18 degrees C). Normaly in febuari it’ s about zero degrees or colder. When I was much younger this would be the coldest time of the year with weeks on end of minus 10. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of winter so I was happy with the idea of an amazingly early spring. But at the same time mixed feelings because of the obvious change in climate. This song is all about those mixed feelings.

It’s pretty much a classic rock song I guess?
Any comments are welcome. I still want to work on the mix a bit. I’m expecting my new guitar to be delivered any time now (an Epiphone Casino, finally I’ll be able to get that Beatles sound, yeah, yeah, yeah!), so I might re-record some tracks.


I really like the vibe of this song. The harmonies and multiple vocals on the chorus really help amp the chorus up too.

Nice work!

Very nicely done! Good arrangement and the vocals are great. I wish I had something constructive to offer… :slightly_smiling_face:

Great song Aef! Somehow I missed this one.

Just listening on cruddy speakers at work, so I can’t say much about the mix, but I really love the melody, the harmony, the rhythm and the arrangement. Very Beatle-esque, but very Aef too!

Nice work!

Thanks Andrew,
I was about to post a new mix of this song I just finished, but found out I only rendered to a WAV file which I can’t upload. Just didn’t have time to render it to MP3, but will do soon. I’m curious if it’s actually any better (after many hours of rerecording with my new Epiphone Casino and remixing it all). I was surprised at how good my first mix sounded. I think I get that quite often. The first mix is maybe not perfect but not bad either. Then the next 5 mixes are generally worse and only at mix 7 or 8 is it any better than my first try (I hope). I have to learn to make smaller changes I think…

Sounds great here

Hi A little intro would be good. Love your voice. Timing on the vox is a little off on the verse. the chorus is really good. Background stuff fights the vox in the chourus. The vocal in general isn’t easy to hear.
Really a great vibe with this baby.
I wouldn’t call it classic rock however. Kinda mild for that.
The mix to me is just a little too busy. For the heck of it, did you ever mute a track as the rest play. I do that often and say outloud…why do I have that in there anyway? ha ha Keep plugging along bud

Here’s the remix I did a few days ago. Don’t quite know if its better. Paul (Feaker) might be right about the mix being too busy. I’m going to have to try leaving out more stuff.

I agree with one of the earlier critiques, really cool vibe.

Thanks for the comments Paul, excuse me for my late reply!

Hi bud On that intro if you could only have the vox for the first 3 seconds. OR…a four bar chord start. The mix is so much more friendly especially that great chorus From 15 to about 22, it would be nice to delay your voice slightly. It is a little ahead. A few other places. 1:53 timing is out front again. ha ha Vox harmony could come up a bit and add a high one. TMI already aaaayyyy?? Great track