Original song need advice

Hey, here is an original song for which I would like your “feedbash”.

The original music is by a French guy, the lyrics and melody by the singer, and I am basically the co-producer and mixer on this song, I also played the piano and B3 and wrote the drums part (which was later customized and played by a drummer on an acoustic set).

The project is still ongoing so we are opened to any suggestions you may have, please feel free to bash and comment.

The song is in French so for those who are wondering it is about a girl who feels she isn’t loved enough by her partner, so she uses emotional blackmail and threatens to retire in a monastery.

I love the term FEEDBASH. I think we need to use that term on this site.

I am listening on earbuds from my laptop at work. The only thing that stands out to me is the piano panned all the way to the left. I would prefer that to be centered since it stands out to me as a main instrument. Otherwise, I think this song sounds great.


Lovely sounding track! Very nice vocal performance and well arranged and performed accompaniment.

There is a frequency that caught my ear in the vocals making it sound a bit muddy/boxy in the lower register of the vocalist’s range.

I was curious, so I downloaded the track & checked it out in my DAW - The frequency is around 304hz, with another resonance an octave above at 608hz. Try pulling out quite a bit (6-7dB) with a narrow Q at 304hz and also some at 608hz (maybe 2-4dB also with a narrow Q).

I don’t even think the whole vocal track needs it, maybe just in that lower register section from 13 seconds to 30 seconds.

Nice work!


I’m listening on crappy speakers, so I can only offer suggestions on the arrangement. You might consider playing the guitar figure on the intro and outro on mandolin if at all possible. The guitar sounds a little distant in those areas, and a mandolin following the guitar figure with alternate picking would add a lot of flavor to the existing feel. Nice song, well played.

Nicely done. I would second the piano panning but that is more of a personal taste thing. Oh and nice work on the organ by the way.

wow I can tell you’ve given this track a lot of time and effort basing from the mix. its well balanced. I love how the vocals bring out the “air” in it. and the performance is superb.

my comment would be purely subjective. I think because of the air given of by the vocal track, the bgm needs to be a bit brighter overall. to my ears the brightness of the vocals sticks out and the contrast between the instruments is very obvious to me. but this is purely subjective. it sounds great as it is and its killer. btw Im also loving the dynamics of the whole track. good job. thanks for letting us listen to your track and cheers!!! :slight_smile:

Love the organ as well ! :slight_smile:

Great song !

Sounds good to me. The first gtr has a little too much reverb for my tastes, but besides that its good

very precise. :slight_smile: do you know any references where we could learn in depth eq techniques? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback.

@ColdRoomStudio I made the suggested changes, I didn’t hear this particular frequency before but it became obvious after you pointed it out to me! Thanks.

In case anyone is curious, here’s the latest version (only minor changes).


Yep, that did the trick - nice!