Original heavy metal

Hey everyone

This is a song I recorded a few months ago, I played bass and all guitars, and a friend recorded drums and another came up with the lyrics and sang. Let me know what you think


Great stuff man! I’m going to listen again when I get home on the big speakers. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick & welcome! Mix sounds very good.

Being super picky, the only thing I could come up with mix-wise is that the lower register vocals have some heavy competition from the guitars - perhaps a subtle eq push in the vocals and/or an eq duck in the guitars would help them be clearer at that point. Later on, when the singer hits the higher register, he cuts through nicely.

One thing I noticed is that the arrangement of the song is pretty relentless. As it is, the song gets to a fairly high level of intensity almost right away and pretty much stays at that point the whole way through

Regarding these long-term dynamics, I think this could be improved at the mix stage, but it might involve experimenting with muting certain elements to create a “breakdown” of sorts, then bring them back later to ramp up the intensity. For this type of genre, a guitar solo is an excellent “balance point” around which you can frame that kind of thing.

A lot can also be done with drum, guitar and even bass volume automation to create more long term dynamics in the arrangement . Andy Wallace is one mixer who uses this technique a lot - he describes it in this video:


mixes sound great man… love it

Thanx for the feedback everyone!