Original, First Time use of Presonus

Hi Guys
New Year will hopefully bring forth a new album so I hope you guys don’t mind if I throw them out to you.
For many years I have been using Reaper and decided to give another DAW a spin Presonus.
The more I play with the more I like, once again would greatly appreciate tips and suggestions.


yeah i have made the switch to presonus recently and am really digging it. The guitar parts are all getting lost for me. they need some volume and maybe some more surgical eq to allow to cut through without stepping on other things.

Hey man thanks for taking the time yep agree with the guitars you think being a guitar player they would be the loudest huh?
reup mix.

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Wow, I really dig that synthesizer intro! What synth did you do that with? Kind of REO Speedwagon “Riding the Storm Out” sound. This track has a really cool ‘live’ sound to it, almost like a live recording but with studio production. Lead and backing vocals are quite good, nice groove to the rhythm section, I like the guitars too. If I had to pick on something I’d say the cymbals are a bit ‘splashy’, which kind of works for the ‘live’ feel of the song, but kind of distracts from the groove - this is mostly just in the chorus. Real drums? They sound pretty ‘organic’. Nice thump in my sub from the kick and bass.

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Cheers mate thanks for taking the time to listen,
I agree about the cymbals in the chorus l will look into taming them a bit, and no not a real drummer but addictive drums with all seperate outs glad you thought it was a real drummer.
As for the synth sounds purely one of the instrument add-ons in PreSonus some really nice sounds I triggered with a midi keyboard.

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having a listen and that sounds like a better balance to me.

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However you achieved the ‘room sound’ and the feel of the groove makes the difference I think. VI drums can sound mechanical in timing if not worked with. It seems like you did something to humanize the timing and groove.

Not sure what you did to v3, the cymbals in the chorus may be tamed a little?

Something that keeps catching my attention is a double-beep at 0:10, right after the synth surge. It sounds like a smoke alarm with a low battery in the background. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds good, I am on Studio One as well, been using it last 4-5 years exclusively.

Maybe bass needs to pop a bit more and a few guitar runs here and there could be higher in the mix, sounds really good in general.

Are you using canned drums or real? Sounds great regardless!

In case you’re looking for some guest solos, I could be persuaded to throw down :slight_smile:

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This is really cool. I’m listening to the third one. I’m in a horrible listening environment (laptop speakers with a lot of background noise) but I just wanted to say that this track has a great energy to it. That much is clear. I agree with Stan that the drums have a live feel to them. Very nice! I’ll come back and listen again on headphones when I get a chance. :slight_smile:

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wow, great sound. Love the singer too. BGV’s spot on. Sound early 70’s to me??
fun listen here…congrats…I’m studio one as well

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cheers man thanks for the comments,
the only thing I thing that beep sound is a slight metalic ping to one of the synth sounds.

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Listening to #4 - sounds good. It feels like it could use some more low end to me, but that’s me. :slight_smile: And as was mentioned, it gets pretty crowded in the mids with all the guitars too. These are just nit-picks though, because it sounds pretty damn good! PS. Also a Studio One user.

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Listening again to version 4. I agree with miked that it could use more low end. The overall sound is a bit thin and tinny right now. A bit harsh. I would take some of the top off of the background vocals in particular. I think you’re getting some build up in the harsher vocal frequencies… it’s the right amount when it’s just the main vocal, but with 2-3 layers I think it’s adding too much.

But yeah like I said before, I think this is pretty great! I love the energy.

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Thanks for that funny thing is I’m in the middle of doing a few of your suggestions, I was finding it a little hard to mix the bass with the floor tom, so I put some side chain compression on the bass and tamed down the BV’S hopefully it’s getting close, I’ll post up the latest mix soon cheers

I just love the tone of that VOX, is that you singing?
Pure gold.
I coincidentally posted about “the dance” in the Guitar Sim tone thread…
And I think there could be more “dance” in the bass. In my projects I always have a track called “Motown bass” - from a suggestion made by one of the friends here. It’s like do your worst musical, melodic and out-of-control bass, just to see what happens…

Go to 3:20 here… as an illustration…


Hey mate thanks yes thats me singing also playing guitar, Bass and keys.

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I’m so late getting a listen here, but I just am listening to this now, dude, and you’ve got a convincing Van Halen power pop rock thing going on! Your guitar work is quite tasty, and your bass is keeping up. The keys/synth parts are a sweet touch to the sound.

I give you much credit for your vocals, you’re in tune and have cool harmonies in the chorus. Nice stereo, too. Presonus served you well!

The song idea is pretty mature. I interpret turnaround/turn around as making the effort to not get sucked into the mess of the world any more than one can. But it is more tour de force than emotional, and that is why it is a very good song but not anthemic, so to speak. To me, it sounds like it would fit well in a film soundtrack which would contextualize the turn around vocal hook.

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Hey Steban thank you very much for your in-depth critique really appreciate it.

Can you post a quieter, more boring / flat type mix without any compression or aggressive eq on it?

Its pretty cool but I also find it extremely loud, and that makes it harder to process objectively.

cheers… :slight_smile:

Wow, Paul. This is impressive. Your vocals are outstanding. Very solid.

Love the arrangement. You know, I actually really like mix 1, just cuz the later mixes have a bit too much high end for my ears. I am getting some listening fatigue. It’s not quite comfortable for me (4 and 5).

But wow, nice groove. Nice arrangement. Drums are tight and full. Bass has a solid “pulse” to it. Guitars are excellent. Ah, but the vocals. My goodness. Excellent, man!