Ooo hooo I wanna be your lover....going for a live band sound...rock

Ooo hooo I wanna be your lover....going for a live band sound...rock


Threw this together and didn’t worry about levels. Does is sound live???


Hey @feaker! I’m liking the feel of this one! When I hear your voice on this style, I think you sound a lot like Phil Keaggy (not sure if you’re familiar. He’s a crazy good guitarist, but your voice sounds similar). Anyway, just listening on my laptop. Sounds like the rhythm guitar(s) could come down just a hair to sit into the band a little more. They are a bit forward, otherwise it’s pretty dang good.
I swear, you get better every single time you write!


Hi boss I am building an apartment onto my daughters house here in Texas and don’t have any time right now. My wife caught me playin last night and said “if you have that much zip, you could have finished plumbing that bathroom vanity” ha ha slave driver. Yes, I have not EQ’d or balanced anything yet. Just felt like a rocker. Thanks for listening


keep taking those breaks. this is sounding good and lively.


I like this. Nice arrangement. Can’t wait to hear the final mix.

Funny, holster, I do hear the Keaggy thing. Actually, to be honest, I heard Keaggy before he started singing! There was something about the guitars at the beginning.

Hah. Maybe this isn’t the best comparison, but there was something about the guitar tone, and yeah, maybe the voice too: check him out here.

Anyway, I like it. The guitars blend well. I like the background vox! Captures an era for me! Drums are nice. How did you do the drums? Simple, nice fills.


Hi Tesgin Nice to meet you :slight_smile: This is a quicky for me. I started with a “rock” drum track in EZ drummer, picked up the guitar and started playing. I usually just start singing. In fact, I remember I said “it happened” ha ha, then who knows where it goes. The only thing I use in midi is EZdrummer. I did find out that it is pretty easy to tweak anything in that program. That program I think was uptempo rock. You have several selections in each category for intro, verse, chorus, pre chorus, ending, and fills. I hear the Keaggy thing too. Never heard his stuff before, but alas I am not original :slight_smile:


Cool song Paul! I like the energy - very melodic and catchy, as usual…

Fussy mixing stuff
The guitars sound a little on the “woolly” side - like you need to crank the high mids in them a little more.
The vocal are a bit too up and down in volume in the bridge - maybe some more compression?

Nice work.


Hi Andrew I thought the track sounded at least peppy :slight_smile: As far as compression, studio one has a ton of selections and I just randomly pick one…ha ha They say vox 1…2…3 or rock vox etc. I bet you have a better method? When I get a break, I will do more work on it. Thanks much for your input


Always dig your tracks.